TCA 2012 Live Blog: REVOLUTION

2:09PM: “It’s a really compelling ‘What if?’ What would happen if we all lived without electricity in this technologically overextended world of ours,” said REVOLUTION creator Eric Kripe when asked about how much about the story is why the lights turn off in the first place. “But for me, epic fun sagas are always fun but character is everything. The journey of this family struggling to reunite against incredible adversity is intensely character driven.”

2:10PM: “Anything that throws a spark, circuits that carry electric charges, it’s that alone and everything expands from that. Batteries, spark plugs, engines…” was Kripke’s clarification when asked about what does and doesn’t turn on in the world of REVOLUTION. “We actually brought a physicist into the writer’s room, let him in on the big secret as to why it all happened and watched his face just light up. He never considered it, but said it’s amazing what we came up with, something that is actually quite plausible.”

2:13PM: For those of you already scratching your head as to why certain types of guns more technologically advanced than muskets seem to work, pay attention! The Monroe Republic has taken away the right to bare arms. Oh, and in terms of steam engines, all director Jon Favreau would say is, “Stay tuned!”

2:15PM: Director Jon Favreau credits the increasing number of restrictions around the movie industry with him jumping to television. Explained Favreau, “Audiences have a tremendous capacity for sophisticated story lines and you’re seeing a reopening on television for smart story lines.”

2:17PM: “I like solid aggressive red-blooded storytelling! I like to know where the mythology is going and get there in an exciting fast-paced way,” said Kripke on his storytelling philosophy. “I like to go in a clear aggressive direction, pay off mysteries and reward audience loyalty. I never get too previous with questions because you can answer them and ask new ones. Twenty-two episodes isn’t a challenge, it’s a gift.”

2:18PM: According to star Billy Burke, REVOLUTION shares the same stunt co-ordinator as Pirates of the Caribbean. Also according to Billy Burke, his role as the mysterious action hero who may-or-may-not play a pivotal role in returning electricity to the world is the kind of gig he’s been dreaming about since childhood. Said Burke, “I have never been given the opportunity to do a thing like this, and it’s the biggest gift I have been given in some time.”

2:22PM: “With every role I try to create someone new and what I love about creating this bad guy is the opportunity to make him good,” said Giancarlo Esposito on his morally ambiguous REVOLUTION henchman. “Maybe he’s doing something bad for a good reason? Is there a reason behind what he does? Wait and see? Is he as bad as he seems? Wait and see? He may seem to be on the wrong side of the fence… wait and see.”

2:23PM: ONE TREE HILL and DAWSON’s CREEK may be long gone, but their talented crew and respective behind-the-scenes creatives have not been forgotten! At least as evidence by REVOLUTION choosing to move their production from Atlanta (Where the pilot was shot) to Wilmington North Carolina.

2:28PM: On LOST’s Elizabeth Mitchell replacing Andrea Roth as the mother of Charlie and Danny Matheson, Kripke has not a thing negative to say about Roth, rather realized as the writer’s room was starting to break stories and situations that the character would be best suited for Elizabeth. Interesting.

2:33PM: The title REVOLUTION is meant to evoke aspects of our history where the country was living under oppressive monarchies and on their way to becoming a republic. According to Favreau, it’s a new way to tell aspects of our history to a new generation, akin to the current young adult novel trend that often puts a young man on woman at the centre of a struggle.

2:35PM: After writing and creating five seasons of SUPERNATURAL, REVOLUTION’s sprawling ensemble was Kripke’s attempt to tell a big sweeping epic fun story with a large ensemble. Said Kripke, “Tonally, the real touchstone for me was Lord of the Rings, to be able to tell that level of sprawling epic storytelling in a world of vine-covered fast foot joints and cities versus a fantastical grounded kingdom.

2:37PM: On whether or not we’ll be flashing back to the events immediately after the lights went out, Kripke had this to say. “We’re going to have a flashback in every episode to what happened in those first few days following the blackout. How people survived, what happened, how they made their way out of the city, how they found food, water, that stuff is effective in small doses. It’s very harrowing, dark and very important to our story. That said REVOLUTION is about rebirth, hope, adventure. Our touchstone is Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, heroes working to restore the world And while we’ll spend some time in the environment telling a story about falling apart, we were very much more interested in telling a story about a society coming together.”

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