McShocker! Eric Dane Checks Out of GREY’S ANATOMY

The Doctor is out.

After six seasons spent heating up the hallowed hallways of Seattle Grace Hospital, the man who put the Steamy into Mc has decided to exit GREY’S ANATOMY.

According to TVLine, which broke the news earlier in the day, Dane — whose heart was last seen breaking upon watching the love of his life Lexie [Chyler Leigh] pass away following a horrific season finale plane crash — has decided to leave the hit ABC medical drama after six years to pursue other opportunities. But — and this is where all current and future television actors should start taking notes — not before returning for several episodes in an effort to provide proper closure for the show’s loyal and deserving fan base.

A move, which let’s face it, is our not so subtle way of saying that one can only hope that Dane’s carefully calculated and refreshingly fan friendly exit strategy will be something actors take note of in the future. Particularly certain actors who shall remain nameless (Oh, Who are we kidding… Yes we’re talking to you Christopher Meloni, Lisa Edelstein, among many, many others!) who left their long running series’ with absolutely no regard for the loyal fandom that helped line their pocket books with ghastly sums of money for seasons on end. We’re just saying’

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  • nctodc

    I don’t know about closure–given how much Mark wanted to be a father and how much he’s doted over Sophia, I’m not sure how Shonda will justify his departure…unless, of course, she kills him. 

  • Anonymous

    I wish the plane had landed on him instead of Lexie.

  • Anonymous

    I wish the plane had landed on him instead of Lexie.

  • The TV Addict

    Regardless of how Shonda writes him off, he definitely earned my respect for actually agreeing to return to the show and provide fans for sometime of closure.