Biggest Tease: Ron Howard posted the first page of the script for ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT’s highly-anticipated fourth season on Twitter (Pictured above). 10 minutes later, someone asked if the tweet was going to be made into a movie.
Most Repeated Tribute: In response to news that Sherman Hemsley of THE JEFFERSON’s fame had passed, so many tweets contained some variation of “He’s movin’ on up” that we could only assume the 10 millionth person to do so would win a prize of some sort.
Good News/Bad News, Daytime Division: Fans were thrilled to learn that Kirsten Storms would be reclaiming her GENERAL HOSPITAL role of Maxie… but they were saddened to lose Jen Lilley, who’d stepped into the part during the former’s extended medical leave. If fans have their way, Lilley will return to the soap in a new part. Saxie, anyone?
Hardest Sell: The CW is reportedly interested in bringing Battle Royale, the uber-violent school-kids-kill-each-other Japanese flick that many have compared to The Hunger Games to their network.
Best Admonishment: During a speech in New Orleans, President Obama suggested young people stop wasting their time with video games and the REAL HOUSEWIVES franchise. Somewhere, Teresa Giudice flipped over a table.
Biggest Waste Of Money: Could someone remind the folks at AMERICAN IDOL that it’s not about the judges but rather the talent? Once again, we’d suggest they take a page out of the SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE playbook.
Best Quote: In discussing GAME OF THRONES, author George R.R. Martin said, “Ultimately, in the history of [the] world, penises entering vaginas have given a lot of people a lot of pleasure. Axes entering skulls, well, not so much.”
Most Uncomfortable Moment: Watching gay dude Jeffrey make out with fellow GLASS HOUSEmates Joy and Erica as part of a kissing contest was hysterical… until the camera kept cutting to the faces of Kevin and Mike, who acted as if they were witnessing a woman give birth to a fully-grown elephant. Grow up, guys.
Best Shocker, Daytime Division: Holy crap, not-as-dead-as-everyone-thinks Robin is being tended to by hunky Dr. Ewen? GENERAL HOSPITAL fans didn’t see that one coming!
Least Surprising Reveal: Mitt Romney told Piers Morgan that he’s a fan of DOWNTON ABBEY. There’s a shocker. He likes a program about a bunch of rich, white repressed people.
Worst Slogan: Apparently deciding to completely ignore the fact that fewer and fewer people actually watch show’s live, The CW rolled out the slogan “TV Now.” We though we should tell you so you’d know what to fast-forward through.
Best Development: Even as the big networks continue to pump out crappy reality shows, MTV and VH1 are each increasing their production of scripted offerings.
News With Bite: NBC announced that they’re producing 10 episodes of a DRACULA update starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers (THE TUDORS).
Coolest Reveal: A pic showing the cast of MOCKINGBIRD LANE intrigued us almost as much as creator Bryan Fuller’s quotes in The Hollywood Reporter saying, “The Munsters actually do what people do. They eat people and they have to live with the ramifications.” Suddenly, we went from disinterested to dying to see it.
Most Contradictory Statements: NBC chief Robert Greenblatt assured that COMMUNITY would be the “same show” as it had been despite Dan Harmon’s exit… then went on to say the show needed to broaden its audience. Which totally happens to shows in their fourth season that don’t change their basic format all the time. Totally. Our note to COMMUNITY: We love ya just the way you are.
Saddest Backstage Drama: It’s just kinda disheartening to find out that the folks who play the wacky Prichett clan on MODERN FAMILY and the bean counters are at war over contracts.
Best Received News: NFL player and reality star Chad Ochocinco changed his name back to Chad Johnson, much to the relief of spelling-impaired editors across the nation.

Saddest Debate: After the titular starr of LIFE’S A TRIPP uttered a bad word, debate broke out over whether Britol Palin’s tot had dropped an f-bomb or called his aunt a faggot. In either case? Lovely.

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