Your First Look at DEXTER’s Seventh Season Premiere

Since we aren’t exactly at liberty to share the highly spoilerific details surrounding the upcoming seventh season premiere of DEXTER — an edge-of-your-seat opener that is guaranteed to have fans jumping back on the bandwagon quicker than you they can spell “Yvonne Strahovski,” — we here at thought this might suffice: Your first look at DEXTER season seven, complete with eye-opening shots of some of the season’s morally dubious guest stars including Strahovski, Ray Stevenson and Jason Gedrick.

DEXTER (Season 7)

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Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan

DEXTER season seven premieres on Sunday September 30th on Showtime (TMN in Canada)

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  • Anonymous

     Ahhh I’m so excited that Yvonne has joined Dexter! I loved her on Chuck, obviously.