State of the Union: Creator Greg Berlanti Opens Up About the Chances of Seeing a Second Season of POLITICAL ANIMALS

Despite being billed as a ‘limited series event,’ a second term for USA Network’s sizzling summer series POLITICAL ANIMALS remains a distinct possibility. Or at least that was our takeaway from a recent one-on-one with creator Greg Berlanti during this week’s Television Critics Association Press Tour that saw us muster every ounce of journalist integrity (Read: Refrain from gushing over EVERWOOD and JACK & BOBBY with the brains behind two of our all-time favorite shows) to ask a serious and far more pressing question.

“POLITICAL ANIMALS was only called a ‘limited series’ because we knew we were only capable of making six in that first year,” explained Berlanti during a media scrum following Monday’s panel touting his latest fall offering ARROW. “Because the series happened so fast — having gone from casting in February to shooting in May — USA Network’s experience with THE STARTER WIFE led them to frame ANIMALS to the audience in such away that they wouldn’t expect a complete ten episode season.”

That said, if the show’s passionate fan base has any hopes of lobbying the Network to grant the show a second term in office on the schedule, it’s probably going to take a little grassroots campaigning from its loyal constituents.

“I would encourage anyone that’s a fan to (a) tell a friend and (b) tell the network,” said Berlanti, who is is all-too-aware that the show hasn’t exactly attracted the number of eyeballs to warrant a second season of what is surely not the most affordable series to produce. “But what’s so great about USA is that they knew they hadn’t programmed anything on a Sunday night before, realized it was a slightly different kind of show for them and have embraced all of that. I think are really smart about it being a slightly longer game and my hope is that when they make a final decision on the show they keep all of that in mind. We’ve certainly loved making it and would love to make more.”

POLITICAL ANIMALS airs Sundays at 10PM on USA Network (Bravo TV in Canada).

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  • USA “hadn’t programmed anything on Sunday night before”? In Plain Sight ran on Sundays for the better part of its 5 seasons, and The 4400 ran there before that, IIRC. But other than that, nope, no programming on Sundays. 😛

    That said, I’m enjoying Political Animals and depending on how they wrap up the six episode storyline would certainly love to see them come back for more next summer.