The TV Addict is Going on Hiatus!

Even Addicts need a break.

Which is why, after yet another exciting television season, your very own TV Addict is once again pressing pause on our Cal Ripken-esque streak of daily postings and hightailing it outta here.

Assuming of course our cruise doesn’t take a page from that other famous ocean-liner’s playbook, regularly scheduled posting — featuring a slew of fantastic interviews and scoop from the recent Television Critics Association Press Tour — will resume on Sunday August 11th.

Bon Voyage,

Daniel (@thetvaddict)

P.S. For all seven of you are curious as to where in the world the TV Addict is heading, feel free to follow us on instagram.

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  • Have a good trip!

  • Anonymous

    Come on, man, the media never rests.  🙂