ARROW! EMILY! BEAUTY! What If The CW’s Fall Promo Posters Told the Truth?

Inspired by the annual internet meme that puts a somewhat humorous spin on the posters of Academy Award winning wannabes comes’s take on The CW’s just released trifecta of posters for ARROW, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and EMILY OWENS M.D.

  • Sane Nobles

    I absolutely cannot tell the difference in the last poster. All I know is I will never voluntarily watch another thing with Kristen Kreuk (sp?) in it that is not superhero related.

  • Meryl Steep’s daughter? LOL She must feel so proud that she’s riding her mother’s coattails. It’s probably the only reason she even has a TV show. Her sister Grace is a horrible actress and yet she gets a bunch of gigs like her TeeNick show and her recurring role on Smash because of Hollywood nepotism. I wouldn’t be shocked if Marnie is doing the same thing. I doubt I’ll be watching this show.

  • Aevalin

    It’s the quotation marks around Beast – because yeah, let’s face it – not a beast!

  • Props to Aevalin for catching my admittedly subtle albeit effective change! Also, for those wondering, the ARROW poster is an homage to “Batman Begins” as a result of the show’s striking similarities!