Promopalooza: Your First Look at GLEE Season Four (feat. Kurt, Rachel and the Cast of GLEE at a Literal Crossroads!)

If for no other reasons than we’d hate to be the only television related website in existence to not whet your appetite for GLEE’s upcoming fourth season, we’ve handily posted some just released first look photos after the jump. Oh, and before all you Quinn Fabray fans freak out as to the whereabouts of Dianna Agron, who is mysteriously MIA from the above poster, @MrRPMurphy already went on record via twitter to explain, “Gleeks, please relax. Dianna is still on the show. We love her and have great plans for Quinn. #QuinnFabrayLives”

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  • Ahem. If they’re in Lima, Ohio, St. Louis is WEST of them, not EAST of them. Sloppy.

  • Not if you’re facing the other way.