Ask the Addict: Spoilers for BONES, REVENGE, FALLING SKIES, HART OF DIXIE, SMASH & More!

With season eight just around the corner, any chance you care to brighten my day with a little scoop on BONES? — Paul
The TV Addict: Happy to! But rather than have us let the sunshine in, we have a feeling fans would much prefer to hear direction from executive producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan, who had this to say when we posed that very question at Fox’s All-Star Celebration during the recent Summer portion of the annual Television Critics Association Press Tour in Hollywood:

The TV Addict: Please just tell me everything you can about the upcoming season premiere?
Nathan: It happens at the very beginning of the season!
Hanson: It ends about forty-five minutes in!
Nathan: With commercials it’s about an hour!
Hanson: At the end of last season Brennan was on the run because of Pellant and the season opener asks the question as to whether our guys get her back and put Pallant in jail so that she can come back. Chances are they’ll succeed because we have a second episode!
Nathan: But they might not succeed in the way that think they’re going to succeed.
Hanson: Things don’t resolve.

With Sundays season finale of FALLING SKIES ending on such a fantastic note, I’m going to need a little something something to get me through what is already turning out to be an interminable hiatus. — Mikey
The TV Addict: While you may already know, courtesy of super scoop Michael Ausiello Vlada Gelman that FALLING SKIES has already enlisted the services of two former doctors in that of HOUSE’s Robert Sean Leonard and ER’s alum Gloria Reuben, what you probably don’t know is that they’re not the only pivotal people joining the resistance when the hit TNT series returns for its third season. Producers are also currently hoping to enlist a 15-18 year old to play Denny, an extremely bright girl who joins the ranks of Charleston’s child soldiers and catches the increasingly watchful eye of none other than Ben Mason.

Is SUBURGATORY Showrunner Emily Kapnick really going to make good on her promise to make George and Dallas a bonafide couple this season? — Tyler
The TV Addict: Damn straight she is! Unlike certain showrunners who shall remain nameless, Kapnick isn’t risking frustrating her fandom with yet another tired will-they-or-won’t-they. To that end, SUBURGATORY’s second season, fourth episode if you want to really get specific, will see George and Dallas come out of the relationship closet to Tessa and Dalia during what will surely be an interesting night out on the town.

Is there any hope at all for Lavon and Lemon this season on HART OF DIXIE? They’re my favorite BlueBell not-quite-couple. — Michelle
The TV Addict: While we by no means want to get your hopes up with regards to the pairing of Lavon and Lemon, we will let you know that two of Bluebell’s finest will be spending an awful lot of time together this Fall thanks to a certain election that is making headlines. No, the GOP has not decided to move their upcoming convention from the hurricane hotspot that is Tampa Florida to the safety of Bluebell Alabama. Rather Lavon will for the first time in quite some time be forced to campaign for his sweet Mayoral gig against none other than his former high school sweet heart Ruby Jeffries. Where the hours upon hours of time spent together comes in is that all signs are pointing to Lemon putting her organizational skills to good use when she volunteers to be Lavon’s campaign manager.

Will Penny ever catch a break romance wise on HAPPY ENDINGS? — Jessica
The TV Addict: Short Answer: Yes. Long Answer: Expect Penny’s love life to get a much-deserved shot in the arm in the upcoming third season of HAPPY ENDINGS courtesy of a serious boyfriend. Which, is industry speak for a six to eight episode commitment the show’s producers are currently hoping to snag from an eligible actor to play the role of “Pete!”

Any clues as to how Leslie Knope will approach her first term as city councillor on PARKS AND RECREATION? — Lisa
The TV Addict: Have you seen PARKS AND RECREATION? For better or worse, expect Leslie Knope to not shy away from any issue that affects her constituents. Case in point, an early episode of season five appropriately titled “Abstinence” will see councilwoman Knope attempt to teach safe sex to the rather randy residents of the local Pawnee senior’s home. Trust us, it’s far funnier than it sounds.

SMASH Scoop Please! — Amy
The TV Addict: Full disclosure: Since we have yet to watch the final two episodes of SMASH’s highly uneven first season as a result of our uncontrollable hatred of both Ellis and Leo, we don’t exactly know how things ended on the show. That said, we have it on good authority that not only will Julia and Tom not have learned their lesson with this upcoming second season seeing them take yet another suggestion for a new musical from an assistant, but Ivy’s love life will get even more complicated when an unexpected pop in on Derek results in a face to face with a potential new romantic rival.

What are the odds that Kaldrick King is going to come out on THE LA COMPLEX this season? — Jamie
The TV Addict: Slim to none! Or at least that was our takeaway following a recent one-on-one with showrunner Martin Gero in which he teased. “In the writer’s room we’ve talked about whether or not Kal could come out this year and the reality is no. The show becomes science fiction because nobody has done it yet.”

Would very much love some scoop on my favorite guilty pleasure REVENGE. Just how dysfunctional should fans expect the relationship between Emily and her mother? — Brenda
The TV Addict: Considering creator Mike Kelley cast Single White Female’s Jennifer Jason Leigh in the pivotal role as Emily’s mother, we’re going to go out on a limb and say fans should expect REVENGE’s newest mother-daughter relationship to be highly dysfunction. Which spells bad news for our [anti] heroine. “Much like I did with the pilot, where I opened with a Confucius quote that said ‘Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves,’ season two will open with a quote about destiny. It’s an Emil quote about whether you have a hand in choosing your own destiny or whether it’s already laid out for you,” teased Kelley during a recent visit to the set of REVENGE. “This season is all about freewill versus fate, and Emily is going to do a lot of reflecting as to whether she’s genetically programmed to be like her mother who is very unhinged. It’s a big surprise as to what happened to her. Suffice it to say, Jennifer Jason Leigh’s character has some deep psychological issues!”

  • If you dont have any news/spoilers on Bones, just dont even try to entice us. This rehash is just lame and more than annoying.