Biggest Backfire: BACHELOR PAD’s Michael managed to mastermind Erica’s ouster… only to have her take him down with her. Continuing to prove herself wildly oblivious, she said in exit interviews, “You expect to [on the show] and make friends, not lose any.”

Most Prudish Organization: So what’s got the Parent’s Television Council’s panties in an uproar now? Pixelated nudity. Why? because “it could be perceived to be a closer simulation of complete frontal nudity given that the viewer is seeing all flesh tones.” Anybody else beginning to suspect that every member of the PTC is a nevernude?

Least Missed: Wait, THE GLASS HOUSE is already over? Um… who won? Eh, never mind.

Best Reaction: The always horribly dressed Mike Boogie had to give a literal tip of the hat to fellow BIG BROTHER competitor Ian for masterminding his ouster. Wonder if Ian can figure out a way to boot the Chenbot?

Most Highly-Anticipated Dumping, Daytime Division: After months of screaming at their televisions, fans of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL rejoiced when would-be bride hope told waffling wuss Liam “The way you love me isn’t good enough!” Better still was hearing her aunt Katie declare, “You can’t treat women like this! This is not okay!” 

Thorniest Situation: Why is it that Emily Maynard only became interesting after THE BACHELORETTE gave out her final rose? The rumors of her texting scandal while on vacation with “winner” Jeff Holm and his clan were better than anything that unfolded on the increasingly irrelevant show this season.

Worst Claim To Fame: As slogans go, “Murder Capital of the World” isn’t all the desirable. Thankfully, the town it was bestowed upon is the completely fictional Cabot Cove, Maine, home of MURDER, SHE WROTE.

Most Challenging Statement: Come on, networks! Are you really gonna let DOWNTON ABBEY creator Julian Fellowes get away with saying that we can’t do a good period drama?

Strangest Decision: Given the brouhaha surrounding Mitt Romney’s taxes and his wife’s surprisingly angry reaction to public interest — not to mention the high ratings brought in by each of the GOP debates — it’s hard to understand why all three of the networks are passing on airing Ann Romney’s speech during the opening night of the Republican Convention.

Move We All Saw Coming: Given how long it’s been since THE OFFICE was actually on the top of its game, news that this will be its final season wasn’t particularly surprising.

Most Highly Anticipated Political Event: THE DAILY SHOW has titled it’s coverage of the GOP national convention RNC 2012: The Road To Jeb Bush 2016.

Most Determined: Kristen Bell told Ryan Seacrest that she is determined to make a big-screen VERONICA MARS movie before she’s “too old” to do it. It’s good to have dreams, girlfriend.

Harshest Lesson: In her Bravo blog, Teresa Giudice of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY admitted that she begged the network not to show last week’s episode in which her hubby referred to her as “my bitch wife” and then called her the “c” word. “When you sign up for a TV show, you sign up to show everything,” she wrote, having learned that the hardest way possible.

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  • Devin McMusters

    Glass House actually wasn’t that bad. And Kevin (the winner) seems like a good guy.
    Boogie needed out of the BB house because it was time for another face lift.