The Full Panel: It’s Fandemonium when CRIMINAL MINDS Stars A.J. Cook and Matthew Gray Gubler Visit Fan Expo Canada

For any TV Addict who has ever found themselves scratching their head over the enduring appeal of CRIMINAL MINDS — a gruesome and downright scary procedural that features the evildoings of the nation’s most dangerous criminals on a week-in-and-week-out basis — have got a video for you! This past Saturday, stars A.J. Cook and Matthew Gray Gubler took to Toronto’s Fan Expo to talk about themselves, the show and answer fan questions you have to see to believe. Suffice it to say, it would appear that the popularity of this hit CBS series lies not so much with the terrifying titular “minds” that the show delves into but rather heroic and let’s face it, easy-on-the-eyes heroes fighting the good fight! But hey, don’t take our word for, see for yourself after the jump.

CRIMINAL MINDS airs Wednesdays at 9PM on CBS (Tuesdays at 10PM on CTV in Canada)

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