Lamest Critique: The Wall Street Journal write that MODERN FAMILY star Jesse Tyler Ferguson wasn’t qualified to be a judge on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. Really? Because he’s done dance routines live more often than THE X-FACTOR judge Britney Spears has sung live!
Best Reason To GTL: Looks like at long last, the national nightmare that has been JERSEY SHORE has been canceled.
Craziest Death Scene: Not many actresses can say their alter ego got to die by having a shapeshifter morph from fly to human inside their mouth. In fact, that may be a claim only TRUE BLOOD’s Carolyn Hennesy can make!
Biggest Shock, Daytime Division: GENERAL HOSPITAL pulled a stunner by revealing that supposedly-dead Duke is somehow connected to Robin’s kidnapping. Better still, they did it only days after portrayer Ian Buchanan had last appeared as DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Ian!
Best Speech, GOP Division: Speaking at the Republican National Convention, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gave the kind of rousing address that gets folks to vote. Too bad he’s not, you know, the guy who’s actually on the ballot!
Worst Speech, GOP Division: Clint Eastwood’s conversation with a chair got people talking… but probably not in the way he hoped.
Most Welcome Return: Ah, Jill Wagner, so glad you’ll be back! WIPEOUT just hasn’t been the same without you!
Coolest Cover: Entertainment Weekly made up, at least in part, for their endless Twilight-related cover with that awesome one featuring AMERICAN HORROR STORY’s Jessica Lange in a nun’s habit.
Proof There’s Someone For Everyone: COUGAR TOWN’s creepy neighbor, Tom, is getting a girlfriend, to be played by Ali Wentworth (aka Mrs. George Stephanopoulos).
Biggest Reversal Of Fortune: BIG BROTHER’s Dan went from dead man walking to ruler of the roost by pulling off the biggest move of the season.  
Largest Disconnect: Although critics slammed both HONEY BOO BOO CHILD and THE NEWSROOM — two shows we never thought would be linked in an item — both saw large ratings gains this week.

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