Your Fall TV 2012 Primetime Calendar: Print and Download Here!

After countless hours of painstaking research and time spent in front of the computer, has finally come to the conclusion that there is one —and only one — positive to the end of yet another fantastic summer: The new Fall television season has arrived! And here to help ensure you don’t miss a moment of upwards of sixty plus season and series premieres is’s now world-famous printable calendar. Accept no substitutions or imitations! Simply click on either of the following links: High Quality PDF or JPG, and enjoy.

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  • Rae

    Thanks! Printed it out 🙂

    Also, just in case you didn’t catch it yourself, New Girl is listed twice on the 25th.

  • Thanks for the freelance edit. Oddly enough, NEW GIRL is actually airing twice on the 25th, but one at 8PM and one at 9PM which I have fixed!

  • Thanks… there is a new episode of Touch on Sep 14 at 8pm (ET). I know its from S1 as S2 doesn’t officially start until Oct 16 (?).

  • Love the monthly PDF calendars. Thanks.