Ask the Addict: Spoilers for BONES, CASTLE, HART OF DIXIE, PARENTHOOD & More!

Care to add anything to the deluge of scoop that has recently come out about BONES upcoming eighth season premiere? — Lisa
The TV Addict: Do we ever. That said, since we aren’t prepared to spoil the circumstances surrounding Booth and Brennan’s very satisfying and surprisingly physical (!) reunion, we’ll simply say this: Not only do creator Hart Hanson and Co. outdo themselves with an immensely satisfying season opener that leaves a surprisingly large threat over the Jeffersonian looming, Hodgins gets to show a side of himself that will have fans buzzing even moreso than whether or not Brennan decides to keep her blond locks!

Will those of us who have been anxiously waiting four seasons for Castle and Beckett to succumb to their mutual attraction be happy with the the show’s fifth season opener? — Jennifer
The TV Addict: CASTLE fans will be pleased to discover that happy doesn’t begin to describe our feeling while watching the fifth season opener (Grinning ear to ear just might!). Playing to the show’s strengths, creator Andrew Marlowe and his writing staff do a magnificent job of juggling the aftermath of Castle and Beckett’s steamy night of passion with the weighty and emotional subject matter surrounding the truth Beckett’s mom’s demise. Suffice it to say, when fans aren’t busy giggling over Castle and Beckett’s attempt to keep their rendezvous a secret (Seriously, the cold open is priceless), they’ll be on the edge of their seat as the crime-fighting duo race to beat Cole Maddox from… well, something we’re not about to spoil here. Oh, and while we’re on the subject of gushing about CASTLE, in this current television landscape littered with awesome-butt-kicking-take-no-prisoners heroines, Stana Katic’s Kate Beckett doesn’t get the credit she deserves. Or at least that’s what fans will be tweeting following her climactic confrontation with one of the show’s special guest stars.

Any idea what PARENTHOOD has in store for fans upon its return? — Melinda
The TV Addict: Fun Fact: Based on what we’ve learned about PARENTHOOD’s upcoming fourth season, we’re beginning to suspect that the show isn’t so much the best family drama you’re — if ratings are any indication — still not watching, but rather a secret government project from which to jump start the flailing economy through the mass purchase of Kleenex. Which is our not so clever way of saying that you’re most certainly going to ensure you’re stocked up on tissue paper prior to starting the new season, especially when it comes to what happens to Max when he decides to run for class president.

Is there any chance you can brighten up a disastrous day at work with a little HAPPY ENDINGS pick-me-up? — Richie
The TV Addict: How’s this for a happy ending to your day? (See what we did there!) Fans are finally going to get to meet more of Jane and Alex’s much-talked-about-albeit-little-seen extended family! And while we know that nothing screams funny like Alex, Jane, Brad and Dave spending quality time with Papa Kerkovich, his feelings towards Alex wasting a boat load of money on a wedding that didn’t happen, not to mention a husband-to-be in Dave who got left at the alter are no laughing matter.

Any clues as to how married life will be treating Howard and Bernadette on THE BIG BANG THEORY? — Frank
The TV Addict: The only thing we’ve been able to glean with regards to the return of television’s most popular sitcom is that we wouldn’t be surprised if newlywed Howard is quick to volunteer for yet another trip into space. Not so much as a result of him getting cold feet after tying the knot to Bernadette — which by all accounts is going about as swimmingly as one might expect — but rather thanks to Howard awkwardly walking in on his mother and her… wait for it… middle-aged-dentist boyfriend!

Would love a little scoop on how Ben and Leslie’s newfound careers are going to affect their relationship on PARKS AND RECREATION? — Linday
The TV Addict: Well, if absence makes the heart grow fonder, Ben and Leslie shippers are in for a real treat during the show’s Halloween episode. An episode, which according to sources, will serve as a reunion of sorts for the two when Ben finally moves back to Pawnee following a brief stint in the nation’s capitol.

As one of the few fans who has stuck by WEEDS throughout its run I’m curious if you have any intel on the show’s upcoming 100th episode. — Brian
The TV Addict: We do, and it’s fantastic. Thanks in no small part to the return of three pivotal first season faces, WEEDS penultimate episode of the series is a giant love letter to fans like us who have stuck by the show through thick and thin. What’s more, it ends on a shocking and somewhat tragic note that will have audiences anxiously counting down the days until the show’s September 16th swan song.

I’m going through serious HAVEN withdrawal! Any word on what I can expect from season three and are Audrey, Duke and Nathan going to make it out alive? — Amber
The TV Addict: Our HAVEN heroes may indeed live to tell a tale or two for another day, but with suspected alien abductions looming on the horizon, there is a death in the third season premiere and someone is going to get some really bad news.  So this next season of HAVEN is going to bit of a heart-wrenching roller-coaster. And keep an eye outfor zombies — yes, I said zombies — in the second returning episode.

The only thing that would make me more excited for HART OF DIXIE’s second season is if you could fill me in a little on how George is going to handle his almost-wedding to Lemon? — Jenny
The TV Addict: Do the names Carrie, Daisy, Presley and Savannah mean anything to you? Well, they certainly will after an upcoming second season episode of HART OF DIXIE, which should give you a bit of a clue as to how George is handling his recent promotion to one of Bluebell’s most eligible bachelors!

(Additional reporting by Tiffany Vogt)