ONCE UPON A TIME First Look: “Broken”

What happens when an entire town of genetically blessed fairytale characters wake up to discover that they’ve been living under the curse of an evil queen? Well, after months of waiting, ONCE UPON A TIME fans are about to find out! Or at least that’s our takeaway from the magical ABC series September 30th second season premiere appropriately titled “Broken” that features a very angry mob of townspeople confronting Mayor Regina. But hey, don’t take our word for it, see for yourself, after the jump.


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ONCE UPON A TIME Season Two kicks off on Sunday September 30th at 8PM on ABC (7PM on CTV in Canada)

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  • ecrc Rabit

    Judging by Charming and his grandson’s pics. Emma and Snow disappear at the end of the episode. Concluding from what I read lately, the two will live a Lost experience.
    When we all thought we’d see the entire Charming Family reunited. We are presented with a total disappointment.
    Storybrooke without Emma and Snow, away from Charming and Henry. (sad and boring way of separating the family) and Ouat transformed in Lost 2?
    I hope not! Because this way for sure I stop watching the show