Today’s TV Addict Top 5: GLEE Star Chris Colfer Previews Kurt’s Season Four Journey and Dishes on the Future of “Klaine”

After a summer spent speculating as to just what changes are in store for your favourite McKinley High students now that New Directions is heading in well, new directions, GLEE’s fourth season finally kicks off tonight. Which is why, we thought now might be as good a time as any to share our recent one-on-one with star Chris Colfer, who was only too happy to join in the speculation as to what the future holds for Kurt.

Kurt suffered a fairly momentous setback at the end of last season when he didn’t get into The New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts (NYADA). How will that affect him going season four?
Chris Colfer: We’ll see. I imagine he’s going to be really sad at first [Editor’s Note: Kurt spends much of the first episode not-so-happily working as a barista at the The Lima Bean]. That said, I think he’ll get to New York eventually.

How will Kurt’s dreams of leaving Lima for New York affect his relationship with Blaine?
Chris Colfer: My bottom line is that I want Kurt to be happy. He was not very happy last season. So whatever that entails, if they break up, stay together, attempt a long distance relationship, I’m on board. I just want to see Kurt happy for a change.

So much was made over the summer with regards to how many episodes each of the original cast members are going to be in during this upcoming fourth season. Is it safe to assume Kurt will be in most of the episodes?
Chris Colfer: I don’t know. I’d say more than half for sure, in fact I think Kurt will be in the majority of them.

Considering the remarkable journey the original cast of GLEE has taken these past few years, what’s the experience been like watching some of them move on and spread their wings in other areas of entertainment?
Chris Colfer: It’s interesting, because as the characters kind of part ways and go on their separate journeys we kind of are as a cast as well. But I think it’s good. The way they’re planning this season it looks like everyone is going to have a little bit of a break. We work very hard and we’re all excited about that. For my part this show has a opened a lot of doors for me recently and I’m trying to step into every building as much as I can.

Aside from GLEE, show co-creator Ryan Murphy also has AMERICAN HORROR STORY and THE NEW NORMAL on the air. If you could guest star on either which would it be?
Chris Colfer: AMERICAN HORROR STORY hands down, I’m obsessed with that show!

GLEE returns with new episodes on Thursday September 13 at 9PM on Fox (Global in Canada).

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  • Common_Sense_Reality

    Yada, yada… There’s one thing that’s making me tune in tonight: Dean Geyer. He’s like a Chace Crawford, only hotter, if that’s possible.

  • I would like to see Kurt and Blaine attempt the long-distance relationship and show the challenges in making that work. There are always temptations and set-backs that can result. If Kurt would happen to meet someone new (or Blaine as well) then show how they deal with that. If they decide to end the relationship, I hope that it is a mutual decision and that they remain friends. Because they started out as friends, and I would hope that they could remain friends regardless of their relationship status.

  • You are wrong, sir. There are those of us who do care about “Klaine.” You may not, but do not attempt to speak for others that you do not know.