Bye Bye Botwins! Hunter Parrish Reflects on Eight Seasons of WEEDS and Teases Sunday’s Series Finale

After eight seasons, those of us who have proudly stuck by WEEDS through thick and thin will say goodbye to the series that put Showtime on the map this Sunday at 10PM. Suffice it to say, from the not-so-quiet suburban enclave of Agrestic California to the mean streets of New York City and everywhere in between, it’s been quite an adventure for the Botwin family. Which is why, during the recent Television Critics Association Press Tour Party celebrating CBS, The CW and Showtime your very own TV Addict made a point to corner — in a completely professional non-stalkery way we swear — star Hunter Parrish, who was only too happy to reflect on what it was like growing up on the show and tease Sunday’s finale.

With one week left of shooting, has it sunk in as to just how much WEEDS has changed your life?
Hunter Parrish: It really did change my life, I grew up on this show, so it’s weird, but it’s also good. All good things come to an end and I’m just glad we got the opportunity to craft an ending. A lot of shows get canceled before they get to finish their story, and we get to.

Looking back on these past eight season, do you have a favorite moment or episode?
I loved the first and second season. It felt so fresh and exciting for me because I was young, stupid and ready to learn things. But also this last season has been incredibly perfect for what it should be for our characters and the fans of the show.

Have you ever taken the time to re-watch the first or second season, just to marvel at how young everybody looked?!
Mary-Louise [Parker] held a little party recently where she invited everyone from the cast and crew to a bungalow she got at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Every room played a different season, so we sort of got to reminisce. But no, I don’t make a habit of sitting and watching old episodes! The pilot, I love the pilot of our show, I think it’s really fantastic. But other than that it’s hard for me to watch because I’m so disgusted by choices I made, which is normal I guess!

What can you tease about the upcoming series finale, this family has gone through so much, can it possibly be a happy ending for the Botwins?
I think it’s going to be the right ending. People are going to speculate that the whole family is going to get gunned down and all these crazy ideas, but I think it just ends how it’s supposed to end. I think Jenji [Show Creator Jenji Kohan] had some time to think about it, I think she’s been thinking about it for a while now because we never knew how long we’d last and I think she’s always kind of been prepared for this. Each character ends up right where they should be and it’s not a good thing or bad thing, it’s just sort of real. For my part, I can say I’m pretty happy with where my character’s story ends up.

That’s a little surprising seeing as though Silas’ actions these past few years might not have warranted the happiest of endings?
I’m happy with everything. My character’s ending, every character’s ending. I feel like it fits exactly how it should and I’m really pleased with the tone. Rather than go out as big as possible, like THIS IS THE END (!), Jenji made things very simple, saying look, I’m going to show you the characters that you’ve loved for eight years and you’re going to like it.

You’ve done both Broadway and Film during your downtime from WEEDS, what’s next for you. Could you see yourself going back to television?
I could. Recently I’ve done a few films and I like telling stories and am excited about telling different ones. I think people have seen me as this Weed kid for a while and I’m excited to branch out of that, but there are some great great television shows being done. I’ve read a couple of things, talked to a couple of people and am open to whatever as long as it’s a story I care about.

What’s currently got you excited about television?
When I was in New York I watched THE NEWSROOM because I love Aaron Sorkin and have done a couple of movies with Jeff Daniels who is unbelievable on that show. Also in New York while I was doing Godspell, I started watching FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS… and I know it’s old news in terms of current television but everyone needs to watch that show, it’s fantastic. Plus, DAMAGES and Lisa Kudrow’s WEB THERAPY, both of which I just started and are great.

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The one-hour series finale of WEEDS airs Sunday at 10PM on Showtime.

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