Should Booth and Brennan fans be worried that tonight’s episode revolves around a murder of a polarizing divorce attorney? — Francine
The TV Addict: Well, since Booth and Brennan aren’t actually married, fans don’t technically have anything to worry about! That said, the amount of time spent around bickering couples, sleazy divorce layers, not to mention a couple of corpses does bring certain issues for both Booth and Brennan bubbling to the surface. Particular Booth, who hasn’t quite forgiven himself for what happened to Brennan who herself is having trouble adapting to coupledom having spent three months on the lam. And, while we’re on the subject of those three months running from the law, BONES fans disappointed with last week’s somewhat lacklustre season premiere that put a swift end to a very contrived separation will be pleased to know that tonight’s follow-up episode is vastly improved thanks to some sharp dialogue and relatable issues between their favourite Foxy couple.

Any clues as to what Kalinda’s life will be like now that her much-talked about husband is back in town on THE GOOD WIFE? — Miranda
The TV Addict:To say that Kalinda fans are in for a real treat when THE GOOD WIFE kicks off its much anticipated fourth season may in fact be the understatement of the year. Not only does Kalinda get more time in the spotlight than ever before, her storyline with her husband (Marc Warren) has us wondering if THE GOOD WIFE writer’s room spent a little too much of their down time this past hiatus reading the likes of 50 Shades of Grey and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

This long suffering HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER fan could really use some encouragement: Should I even bother tuning into tonight’s season premiere? — Brandon
The TV Addict:Short answer: Yes, yes, and oh yes! Unfortunately the long answer is a slightly more complicated. So, to avoid giving away anything about tonight’s immensely enjoyable season opener, we’ll simply leave it at this: Those recording the show are going to want to make extra-sure that they’ve got those last few minutes covered! Also, serious kudos to co-creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas for perfectly working Marshall and Lily’s newborn baby into the fold.

Any ONCE UPON A TIME Scoop? — Cole
The TV Addict:We do, but fans rooting for David and Mary Margaret’s happily-ever-after are probably not going to want to hear it. Which is to say: Fans should brace themselves for a separation of the two lovebirds throughout the show’s first three episodes of the season while newly discovered mother/daughter duo Emma and Mary Margaret embark on a mission of their very own. Also of note, expect one of the seven dwarves to discover what happens when any of the townspeople try to step past the Storybrooke city limits during the show’s second episode of the season. Spoiler Alert: Not something you’re going to want to try at home!

Word on the internet is that you may have seen the first episode of REVENGE’s second season? Spill! — Janice
The TV Addict:Since ABC doesn’t actually trust us TV types to screen an episode without giving away major plot points in their entirety, we’ve only had the opportunity to check out the first two acts of the second season premiere. Thus, in lieu of any actual scoop, we hope the opening quote that creator Mike Kelley has chosen to start off the second season will shed some much needed light on what awaits Emily in her quest for revenge, “Destiny has two ways of crushing us… by refusing our wishes… and by fulfilling them.”

When is DEGRASSI returning? — Billy
The TV Addict:Canada’s most popular export returns on Friday October 12 at 9PM, with a second half of season 12 episodes that — according to a not at all bias MuchMusic press release — promises “dramatic storylines and challenging topics, tackling issues such as bullying, depression, and gender identity struggles.”

Any idea how Pete is being written off PRIVATE PRACTICE? — Jennifer
The TV Addict:We have a sneaking suspicion as to how Pete is being written off the show, but before we tell you we’re going to have to kindly ask for you to not shoot the messenger! Ominously titled, “Mourning Sickness” PRIVATE PRACTICE’s 100th episode of the series features the doctors joining together for a celebration at Addison’s house and to reminisce about the past. Gulp!

How worried should Dexter fans be as to how Deb is going to handle discovering his secret? — Mikey
The TV Addict:Very worried! Although, having already had the pleasure of checking out the first few episodes of the upcoming seventh season, those rooting for America’s favorite serial should be less worried about Dexter’s future and more worried about his past. Specifically one of his past victims that not only comes back to haunt him in a big way, but could play a far larger role in eventually seeing him spend the rest of his life behind bars.

  • Whoa on the “Lackluster” Bones premier thing. The episode was well received by most reviewers and if you check the fan sites the overall opinion was positive. The main criticism was that Booth answered the damn phone.

  • Since there was absolutely zero possibility that Booth and Brennan wouldn’t be reunited by episodes end, I simply had trouble getting emotionally invested in an outcome that was inevitable.