Kickass Scene Of The Week: That scene in which HAWAII FIVE-0’s Wo Fat was set free during a prison transfer redefined the term “airlifted.” 
Ickiest Motivations: In describing why he wants to win PROJECT RUNWAY, Gunnar declared that he needed a new pair of boots, adding, “I wanna buy my mom a boob job.” 
Best Nickname: The look on the face of GREY’S ANATOMY’s Miranda  when she found out that residents had dubbed her “Booty-Call Bailey” was damn near priceless.

Oddest Product Tie-in: Wanna don a rubber suit like the one from Season 1 of AMERICAN HORROR STORY? Target’s got ‘em… for $42.49. Just in time for the holiday season!
Least Surprising Pick: Sean Lowe, the yawn-inducing former beau of yawn-inducing BACHELORETTE Emily Maynard, will be the new BACHELOR. What, you thought they’d go with someone interesting… or black?
Sexiest Call: SCANDAL’s Fitz and Olivia managed to turn the teenage game of “You hang up… no, you hang up!” into a swoon-worthy moment.
Earliest Renewal: In an ad touting a contest, AMC accidentally gave zombie lovers everywhere reason to celebrate by revealing that THE WALKING DEAD — which launches Season 3 this month — will be back for Season 4!

Most Deserving of a Renewal: Despite early second season pickups for reality skeins OH SIT! and BREAKING POINTE, we here are are still waiting to here from The CW about the best thing to come out of Canada since ARROW star Stephen Amell’s abs. That being… a third season of THE L.A. COMPLEX.

Most Welcome Trend: Following in the footsteps of Emmy winners Julianne Moore, Claire Danes and Julie Bowen, Mondays HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER continued the trend of yellow awesomeness by bringing Ted thisclose to the titular mother.

Biggest Letdown: Not even a practically naked Schmidt could salvage Tuesday’s surprisingly disappointing double dose of NEW GIRL.

Cruelest Budget Crunch: Neither limbs or cast members were immune from ABC’s cost-cutting measures when it came to GREY’S ANATOMY ninth season opener. Ouch!
Officially Dead Trend: The ladies of THE VIEW made a “Call Me, Maybe” spoof. Stick a fork in it, kids, ’cause it’s done.
Most Accurate Prediction: In our Fall TV Preview eBook, we suggested that VEGAS would be a big hit for CBS among the geriatric set. Sure enough, they came out in droves… even if it meant staying up past their bedtime.
Couple We’d Least Like To Have Sex: Something tells us that despite TWO AND A HALF MEN’s Alan and Walden discussing “going gay” for each other, there won’t be a lot of slash fiction writers anxious to pen that tale.
Most Pointless Timewarp: Anybody else feel like the only reason GREY’S ANATOMY opened 30 days after the plane crash — the aftermath of which will be featured in the second episode of the season — was for the shock value of the admittedly jaw-dropping scene with Arizona and Torres?
Saddest News: We felt bad when Erin Moran — former HAPPY DAYS star — was living in a trailer. But now, she’s been booted from it, too! Someone cut the girl some slack!
Funniest Accidental Celebrity Impersonation: With the words, “Do you think I’m Rachel Maddow?”, Matthew Perry’s GO ON alter ego went from thrilled that a hot chick was talking him up to crash-and-burn mode.

Sweetest Moment of the Week: Just how adorable was THE MIDDLE’s “Summer of Sue and Dad?” So much so that it more than made up for the slightly off-putting and admittidly unavaoidable awkwardness that was Brick’s (Atticust Shaffer) voice change!

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  • Devin McMusters

    Thanks for the props for The Middle. The hour long show was a bit too much, but the ending with the scrapbook brought a tear to my eye.

  • Liz

    Grey’s shocker. That was totally why they did it. I spent the entire episode thinking, ‘we know Arizona’s not dead… so what already????”