Crazy, Sexy, Cool: Emily VanCamp helps make REVENGE’s Emily a Little of Each!

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It’s no surprise that REVENGE’s Emily is a little bit of a nutjob. After all, she’s living someone else’s life and spends every minute of every day plotting ways to bring down her rivals. “The thing I love about Emily,” says portrayer Emily VanCamp, “and the reason people are able to continue to root for her, even as much as she behaves like a sociopath, is that underneath that shell is a vulnerable, hurt, angry young girl who ultimately just wants to rid herself of that feeling.”

But dedicating one’s life to vengeance seems like a path that can’t possibly end well, right? “[Executive producer] Mike Kelley sort of says that the end is Victoria and Emily standing in a sea of bodies, and it’s sort of like, Did you really find peace? I don’t know.’”

Hey, did she just confirm what we all pretty much know… that Victoria didn’t actually die in that season-ending explosion? “There are several other villains who are becoming a part of the show,” the actress responds coyly. “So it’s hard to say. I don’t know what will happen with Victoria!”

What she does know — or will admit to — is that there’s a new man on the horizon for Emily! “She has a new love interest,” VanCamp reveals. “Someone that was a part of her life during that period when she went away to study. It’s an interesting relationship, because it’s the first one that you see Emily in as an adult. Her relationship with Jack is very nostalgic, and with Daniel, it’s very manipulative. This is something that I think Emily really cared about, and he sort of betrayed her.”

Yeah, but what about Jack! They’re, like, meant to be together, right? “I think that’s a given,” she admits. “In so many ways, that’s a big, massive part of the heart of the show. He represents everything good in her, and she can’t help but love that about him.”

Ultimately, however, he could be her undoing. “She comes dangerously close to wanting to reveal her true identity to him,” says VanCamp. Fortunately, having Fauxmanda show up pregnant may have been the jolt Emily needed to keep herself on track. “She sort of regrouped at the end of last season when Jack became an impossibility in her life. It sort of numbed that human side of her again, and she’s sort of back in her sociopathic behavior patterns!”

Might her less socially acceptable thoughts be the result of having an unbalanced parent? We’ll find out when Jennifer Jason Leigh joins the show as Emily’s not-so-dead mom. “When you think about mental health issues, young women will often come into those kind of problems and difficulties in their 20s,” muses VanCamp. “It’s very possible that this will start to affect her psyche and leave her wondering, ‘How crazy am I? Am I falling into these footsteps?’ It will cause her a lot of discomfort to start analyzing what she does and what she begins to understand through her mother.”

First, however, she has to find her! “She has the information about her father and all of this information about her mother,” previews VanCamp, “and it’s almost inspired a new quest for her to find her mother and establish some kind of relationship with this person if she is alive.” But how, exactly, will she find her? “With Emily Thorne, she happens to have the tools to make that happen! No matter where her mother is, she can find her!”

REVENGE returns at 9PM on Sunday, September 30 on ABC (CityTV in Canada)

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