Curious George: Scott Porter Can’t Wait for HART OF DIXIE Fans to Meet his New and Improved Character!

As hard as it might be to imagine, being left at the altar may prove to be the very best thing that could have happened to HART OF DIXIE’s George. “You’re going to see him stand alone for a little bit,” says portrayer Scott Porter, “and kind of grow as an adult, which he hasn’t been able to do, because he’s been in a relationship for 15 years. It’s going to be nice to see him without the shackles of that relationship, outside of that triangle and trying to find himself as a single guy!”

Could this mean that George is about to become something of a man-ho? “I hope so, for his sake,” says Porter with a laugh, “but I don’t think that’s going to happen! Without giving away too much, relationships are going to change, and you are going to see more of the ‘New Orleans’ George rather than the Lemon-and-George George.”

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The fallout from the wedding that went off without the desired hitch will have a pretty big impact across the canvas. “People that you think George would not get along with are there to support him,” Porter says, citing Lavon — aka the man who slept with his fiancée! — as a prime example. “You’re going to see the two of them need each other, because everything else in their lives is so upside-down!”

And what of the almost-bride? “You’re going to see a Lemon who is just as driven as she’s always been, but she’s going to focus all of that energy into herself as opposed to her relationships.” In fact, not getting married may prove just how right George and Lemon really are for each other! “He’s been so selfless for so many years, trying to do things for other people, that now he’s going to be a little more selfish. She’s going to do the same thing. She’s been taken care of for so long, she thought she was going to be married, move into a house and be a housewife. Now, she’s realized that she’s 30 and single. What do you do at that point?”

So what are the odds that the pair might reunite? “They truly love each other but in a way that was born out of being childhood friends and being there for each other for years. I don’t think you’ll see George and Lemon turn their backs on each other, but I don’t know at this point if they’ll be able to come to terms with getting back together. Maybe eventually, if the stars align, they’d be good for each other, but I think we’ve discovered that in their current state, they’re not.”

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