Reversal of Fortunes?! NBC Gives Full Season Awards to REVOLUTION, THE NEW NORMAL and GO ON

After spending the better part of the last half decade or so as the entertainment media’s primary punching bag, it would appear that the Peacock Network finally has something to strut about.

After two weeks of boffo ratings and buzz, REVOLUTION, THE NEW NORMAL and GO ON are officially the first new shows of the 2012 freshman class to earn full season orders. What’s more, with an assist from the one-two punch that is Sunday NFL Football and a little reality TV juggernaut that is THE VOICE, last week saw NBC beat out all broadcast rivals in the increasingly valuable 18-49 demographic for the first time since 2003.

According to NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt, “We’re very pleased with early results of the last three weeks of our fall season roll-out. The strategy for this season was to draft off the promotional platform of the Olympics and then begin our season early and strong. I think we’ve accomplished both of those goals, yet we know it’s a long season and there’s much work ahead of us.”

According to us, after the unmitigated disasters that make up the Network’s recent track record (Think: LENO-GATE, WONDER WOMAN, KNIGHT RIDER, among many many others), it’s going to take some time for us to get use to reporting good news on the NBC front. That said, as a TV Addict who grew up amidst the heyday of “Must See TV,” we applaud this Peacock’s pluck and look forward to more positive developments in the future.

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  • Despite the negativity surrounding the Obama mama episode, I like The New Normal and am excited for their full season order yay!

  • Agreed. “The New Normal” is easily the best new sitcom of the fall TV season, which pleasantly surprised me as I thought “Partners” would be the breakout hit. “Partners” has been flat to dull – the only good thing is the dumb, good looking male nurse and his cheesy, dim-witted humour.

    Another good show which I love is “Guys With Kids,” it is a perfect sitcom in every way. “Animal Practice” is surprisingly good too. 🙂

    In one year, I’ve gone from mostly watching ABC and CBS to watching nothing on ABC, some CBS shows and a boatload of NBC shows.