Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Our Favorite Fall Fresh Faces

Every year, a slew of shows fight for our attention… and sometimes, it’s easy to overlook the individuals who stand out among the sea of faces washing across our television screens. Let’s take a minute to get a little better acquainted with some of the people we think will be making a big impression in the coming weeks!

Who he is: Andrew Rannells of NBC’s THE NEW NORMAL.
What put him on our radar: A star-making turn in the Broadway smash Book of Mormon.
Why he’s a big deal: Let’s put it this way… creator Ryan Murphy hand-picked Rannells for NORMAL. Our guess? he was blinded by that smile that just lights up the room. The love child of Jon Hamm and Seth MacFarlane, Rannells has that rare mix of humor and heart that audiences will love.

Who she is: Maggie Elizabeth Jones of Fox’s BEN & KATE.
What put her on our radar: Her role as Matt Damon’s adorable daughter last year’s feel-good flick, We Bought a Zoo.
Why she’s a big deal: Watch the pilot and just try not to fall in love with Jones, who plays Kate’s precocious (is there any other kind… on TV?) daughter. She’s that rare television child who manages to be neither sickly sweet nor obnoxiously spank-worthy, and that alone makes her our favorite young actress in recent memory!

Who she is: Tracy Spiridakos of NBC’s REVOLUTION.
What put her on our radar: While we enjoyed her work as “Party Girl 2” in the flick Rise of The Planet of the Apes — it was her role as werewolf Brynn from the US version of BEING HUMAN that caught our eye.
Why she’s a big deal: Do you think she landed the starring role in NBC’s E-ticket entry into the fall race because of her crossbow skills? Producer J.J. Abrams has a great track record when it comes to turning relative unknowns into household names. Just ask Keri Russell (FELICITY), Jennifer Garner (ALIAS) or maybe Evangeline Lilly (LOST)? That’s what we thought.

Who he is: Tyler James Williams of NBC’s GO ON.
What put him on our radar: He may have had the title role in EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS, but we sure as heck loved Williams!
Why he’s a big deal: A show that deals with grief counseling requires a cast with a special sort of skill set. You have to be able to bring the funny, but never lose sight of the fact that there are deep emotions at work just beneath the surface. Williams — whose GO ON character is dealing with the tragic loss of his brother — manages to walk that tightrope beautifully, no net needed!

Who he is: Stephen Amell of The CW’s ARROW.
What put him on our radar: We’d love to claim we first noticed him during his appearnce on NEW GIRL or even PRIVATE PRACTICE, but honestly? It was his role as trick-turning busboy Jason on HUNG that got our attention.
Why he’s a big deal: Have you seen the ARROW ad campaign? The CW has a whole heck of a lot riding on this guy’s abs!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t watch Go On or New Normal.
    I intend to watch Arrow.
    Maggie Jones is adorable.
    But, the Charlie character played by Tracy Spiridakos is super annoying. She’s no AnnaTorv or Jennifer Garner or Evangeline Lilly or Keri Russell.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of Keri Russell, am I the only one who sees Keri when I look at the blonde lead chick (the snooper) on 666 Park Avenue?? Think we need a separated at birth….

  • Anonymous

    I completely agree about the Revaluation girl… she was so bad i stopped watching the show!