Fall TV Preview: EMILY OWENS M.D.

Direct from the pages of our brand new, just released, first annual, Fall TV Preview eBook appropriately titled “Thank Goodness It’s Fall” comes a closer look at The CW’s version of GREY’S ANATOMY, EMILY OWENS M.D.

Premieres: Tuesday, October 16. 9 p.m. on The CW (CTV Two in Canada).
In A Nutshell: Think Season One of GREY’S ANATOMY with more voiceovers and less substance. (Who knew that was possible?) This time, the role of Meredith is filled by, well, Emily Owens, a doctor who seems incredibly competent on the surface but, as her inner thoughts prove, is really sort of a hot mess.
Names You’ll Know: Lead Mamie Gummer had a memorable stint as a legal opponent of THE GOOD WIFE and starred on ABC’s short-lived OFF THE MAP. (Oh, and she happens to be Meryl Streep’s daughter.) Justin Hartley (Will) is a graduate of the soap PASSIONS and was SMALLVILLE’s Green Arrow.
What They Say: Executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman says that viewers should get used to the heavy reliance on narration, because it’s a crucial part of the series. “It’s a point-of-view show, and having [Emily’s] inner monologue gives us access to the character in a way that I feel like we can use comedically, we can use really effectively emotionally, and I like it as a device throughout this.”
What Others Say: Becky Kirsch of BuzzSugar.com acknowledged “ a good balance of comedy and drama here, but some of the medical aspects feel contrived.”
What We Say: There’s no denying that Gummer is wildly appealing, but the gimmick of hearing pretty much her every thought grows old real quick. There’s really nothing here we haven’t seen before — the prerequisite lesbian, the barking chief resident — but it’s pleasantly packaged and will wash over you in a manner that won’t tax your brain after a long day’s work. On the other hand, is that really all we expect from a TV show?

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