Michael Rady and Justin Hartley Preview EMILY OWENS, M.D.

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On the first day of her residency right out of med school, Emily Owens (Mamie Gummer) could have sworn she had landed right back in high school.  There was the hot guy everyone dreamed of, the mean girl who made everyone’s lives miserable, and the spooky, overbearing authority figures who made you feel like you were never good enough.  But that as just an illusion – for as Emily Owens soon finds out, real life is not at all like high school.  In the real world, there are life and death stakes, which is why they make you sweat blood and tears all the way through med school.  Yet, miraculously, Emily finds a way to humorously navigate the real world terrors and responsibilities of her first day as a doctor.
It helps that Emily sees life from the sunny-side up.  Life is never a “glass half empty,” it is always half full.  Her irrepressible enthusiasm for life seems to never waiver, even when enduring blatant humiliation, open back-stabbing maneuvers, and taunting ridicule – or that’s how she would like to be.  Let’s just say that with the help of a chocolate binge, some strategic hiding, and some surprising overtures of friendship, Emily makes it through her first day.
With her best friend Will Collins (Justin Hartley) by her side, a fellow in-the-trenches resident Tyra Granger (Kelly McCreary), and an especially attentive attending-in-training Micah Ellis (Michael Rady), Emily is going to do just fine.  Life is always a matter of perspective.  You an see only the lemons, or you can find a way to make lemonade; and EMILY OWENS, M.D. is a lot more sweet than one would expect.
In exclusive interviews, stars Justin Hartley and Michael Rady shared insight into their characters Will and Micah and how they fit into the charming world of EMILY OWENS, M.D.

Initially, Will may be the golden boy who catches Emily’s attention and heart, it is really the story of Micah, the one who is attune to Emily’s every move.  Emily may be distracted by her new world, the new experiences, the patients, and the very real stakes involved, but we are just hoping that she will one day see the one person who truly sees her. 
EMILY OWENS, M.D. is a heart-felt, humorous look at the life of a woman trying to find her place in this world and who has a remarkable gift in healing people.  You are invited to discover this amazing world on Tuesday, October 16th at 9PM on The CW. (CTV Two in Canada)

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