Most Memorable Meta-Moment: Castle’s conversation with Kate as to what their Brangelina-esque nickname should be (“No, no. We’re Rickkate. Wait. We’re Kate-ick… Caskett. Ooh, that’s good, because of the whole murder thing!”) is just one of the plethora of reasons we are loving this season of CASTLE.

Most Likely To Make You Cry: By turning the retirement of original castmember Susan Flannery into a flashback-filled storyline surrounding the impending death of her character, Stephanie, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL has become both classic soap and a total weep-fest.

Douchiest Response: Joanie may have loved Chachi, but Scott Baio didn’t seem to be showing the love when asked about Erin Moran’s homelessness. Maybe his “I’ve got my own situation to deal with,” was taken out of context, but dude, there are better ways to say, “I can’t be bothered.”

Worst BIG BROTHER News: With CBS extending Les Moonves’ contract through 2017, it looks like fans of the summer reality show will be stuck with Julie Chen for the foreseeable future.

Best Political Event: Both Mitt Romney and President Obama got big laughs — on purpose — during their speeches at the annual Al Smith dinner.

Happiest Reunion: Fans of GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Jason and Sam were thrilled when the pair not only got their switched-at-birth baby back but got their marriage back on track.

Most Memorable Monologue: If you neglected to watch SUBURGATORY’s second season premiere this week, you not only missed out on one of the funniest twenty-two minutes of television this week, you didn’t get to experience a monologue from a young women who is quickly becoming one of the small screen’s breakout characters. Said Dalia Royce (Carly Chaikin) on the pros of having a Nanny, “When your day is dark, a nanny can make it light, by turning on a light. And if you’re hungry but you’re not in a restaurant, a nanny can call a restaurant and order in. And if you’re on the beach, and you only see one set of footprints, it’s because your nanny’s carrying you… And you know how you suck at guitar? [Referring to Tessa] A nanny would pretend like you don’t suck at guitar, but I’m not your nanny.”

Weirdest Product: Rob Kardashian will be selling a line of socks in Neiman Marcus stores. Pretty much the only thing the famous-for-being-famous clan has left to sell is their souls. Oh, wait…

Saddest Realization: We are all Tom Haverfords (See: Thursday’s PARKS AND RECREATION).

Story We’re Ready To End: Sorry, but The Initiative crap gets in the way of the good, soapy drama we actually tune into REVENGE for.

Most Fearless Prediction: Now that AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL has announced cycle 20 will feature male and female models competing against one another, does anyone thing the final two won’t be one of each sex?

Biggest Surprise: Despite the fact that a self-proclaimed TV Addict such as ourself probably should have seen this coming, we genuinely didn’t predict the family connection between Capt. Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) and son Nate Jason Neville. Which is just reason #2425 why we’re quick to call REVOLUTION our favorite new show of the Fall.

Explanation We’re Anxiously Awaiting: With KNOTS LANDING’s Gary and Val set to visit DALLAS during season 2, it’ll be interesting to see if they address that the couple named their son after Bobby when he “died”!

Oddest Lawsuit: We’re not sure which is crazier: Lebanon considering legal action against the makers of HOMELAND for its portrayal of Beirut or the country’s minister of tourism thinking he can sell the notion of the city being the Paris of the Middle East.

Least Shocking Revelation: Several cast members of THE HILLS have admitted that “storylines” were manufactured and fights staged. I believe the word that comes instantly to mind is “duh.”

Silliest Response: The increasingly irrelevant and misguided folks at PETA think they had something to do with the cancellation of ANIMAL PRACTICE. Apparently, they don’t quite grasp how ratings work.

Best Casting: Close your eyes and summon up John Goodman’s voice. Totally Santa, right? You’ll be able to put the image with the sound when on November 23, CBS airs IT’S A SPONGEBOB CHRISTMAS in which the actor will play everybody’s favorite chunkster.

Worst Video Player: Try watching anything on without it freezing, crashing or just randomly shutting down.

Biggest Regret: Judging by the Twitter trending topics, we best be making some time over our already jam-packed weekend to include last week’s season premiere of both THE WALKING DEAD and AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM.

Biggest Improvement: A week after taking over as head writer on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, Josh Griffith managed to wrap up several of the previous regime’s lesser storylines and refocus the entire canvas.

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