Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons To Love HAPPY ENDINGS’ Penny

happy endings penny

There are a whole lotta reasons to celebrate tonight’s return of HAPPY ENDINGS (airing tonight at 9 p.m. EST on ABC), but chief among them is the always-entertaining Penny Hartz (as played by Casey Wilson). Look up the term “scene stealer”, and you’ll find her picture… interestingly enough, right next to those of her cast mates. While last season, it was declared that The Year Of Penny had come to a close, we’re still going to single her out by shining a light on five of the lines she used to win us over!

“When I went out with that male nurse, I found out that I still have a soft spot for dating gay guys.”

”So Dave is really gonna fight a guy? Our Dave? The same Dave who wept during Jeremy Renner’s Oscar speech? How is that gonna work?”

“He touched me here… and here. And I wanted him to touch me here, but he wouldn’t. Why wouldn’t he?”

“Ah, yeah, David, I did take a whore’s bath, okay? I had a one night stand and didn’t have time to shower, so did I rub some dryer sheets on my pits and throw some water on my hush at Au Bon Pani? Yes, I did!”

“You’d think baby number three would just fall out.”

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