Sudsy Shocker: GENERAL HOSPITAL Super Spy Returns!

tristan rogers Robert Xavier Scorpio

When our pals over at Soaps In Depth tweeted on Friday that they’d spoken to Tristan Rogers, we suspected that there was something good coming down the pike. The only question was whether the daytime superstar would be returning to GENERAL HOSPITAL — where he played bad-guy busting, woman-wooing World Security Bureau agent Robert Xavier Scorpio (think James Bond, but with an Australian accent) — or THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, where he played grandbaby-napping, secret-keeping Colin Atkinson. The fact that the mag tweeted from their ABC account (@soapsindepthabc) left us hopeful that GH would be the winning soap, and this morning, the publication’s editors confirmed the news: Scorpio is back, baby! Look for Rogers and his alter ego to show up in Port Charles on Thursday, November 15, and for Soaps In Depth to report the details of his return in their cover story that goes on sale Monday, November 12!

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