Buzzing About… REVOLUTION

Miss last night’s episode? Here’s what you need to know about REVOLUTION’S “The Children’s Crusade”

AIRDATE: 11/05/12 WRITER: Eric Kripke DIRECTOR: Charles Beeson SYNOPSIS: After stumbling upon a group of parentless children (Or as Aaron put it, “Hairless Ewoks!”), Charlie and Miles let their conscious get the better of them by agreeing to rescue the kidnapped older brother (Peter) of the group’s de-facto leader (Michael). Meanwhile, still under the watchful eye of General Monroe, a captive Rachel Matheson’s emotions get the better of her sparking flashbacks that shed some surprising light on the genesis of the blackout. Or to be more specific, her, alongside husband Ben’s failed attempt to create a source of clean, low-cost electricity gone terribly, terribly wrong! Introduced: An unexpected relationship between the fledgling technology start-up run by Ben and Rachel Matheson, not to mention staffed by Grace Beaumont and the U.S. Department of Defence whose point man is none other than shady government operative Randall Flynn (Colm Feore). HISTORIC MOMENT: Charlie finds herself on the wrong end of an extremely hot Monroe Militia-branded poker in an effort to rescue Michael’s (SUPERNATURAL’s Colin Ford) older brother Peter. Also of note, Aaron finally grows a pair after not only defending his ragtag group of orphans from a member of the aforementioned militia, but in holding his ground after Miles demanded he hand over Ben’s pendant to him. LESSON LEARNED: Even as a zygote, Danny Matheson was a huge pain in the butt! Or at least that’s our takeaway after learning that Rachel needing access to an advanced medical procedure to save her unborn baby is pretty much responsible for the world’s current powerless predicament! NOTABLE QUOTABLE: In what is surely a wink to the show’s vocal online fandom, Miles gets our vote for notable quotable of the night in response to orphan Michael demanding that he tag along with Charlie to rescue brother Peter, “It’s irritating when a dumb kid tells you what to do, isn’t it?” CRITIQUE: Simply put, REVOLUTION is on a roll. Which is to say, when the series isn’t busy thrilling and chilling us with exciting adventures on a week-in-and-week-out-basis, the writers have done a remarkably bang-up job of reversing the disappointing trend of mythology-laden shows by providing – wait for it – answers. Seriously. We can’t remember the last time a show has been so freely throwing out answers to burning questions so soon into a series run. What’s more, rather than force frustrated viewers to scream at their television for characters to ask each other blatantly obvious questions, the episode ended with Aaron, Miles and Charlie actually confronted each other about secrets they’ve been keeping from one another. Talk about a revolution indeed! GRADE: A

REVOLUTION airs Mondays at 10PM on NBC (CityTV in Canada). Catch up on past episodes you may have missed for free online at

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