TV Ratings: Sunday November 11, 2012 (Is This Lights Out For 666 PARK AVENUE?)

Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM FOX The Simpsons (Football Overrun) 13.22 5.6/14
NBC Football Night in America 12.90 4.4/11
CBS The Amazing Race 9.16 2.4/6
ABC Once Upon a Time 8.69 2.7/7
8:30PM NBC Sunday Night Football 18.69 7.0/17
FOX Bob’s Burgers 5.77 2.8/7
9PM NBC Sunday Night Football 18.69 7.0/17
CBS The Good Wife 8.98 1.7/4
ABC Revenge 7.47 2.4/5
FOX Family Guy (1 Hour) 5.38 2.7/6
10PM NBC Sunday Night Football 18.69 7.0/17
CBS The Mentalist 10.00 1.8/5
NBC 666 Park Avenue 4.04 1.3/3

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  • Anonymous

    Better not be….Park Ave. is getting GOOD!!

  • Rodrigo

    I really really hope they give a good series finale for 666 park avenue, because we all know it’s gonna be cancelled, it’s sad because i absolutely adore the show! but ABC’s main problem is bad publicity to it shows on this time slot, Pan Am, GCB and 666 Park Avenue, all have been great shows, but ABC just doesn’t made enough “good publicity”, i’m really hoping for 666 park avenue ratings to go up at least to 6 million, because shows like Private Practice and Scandal been there with around 6 million. In the other hand i liked last night Once upon a time, but it was a LITTLE BIT predictable and i think they’re slowly going too far away of the main storyline, hope they don’t still dropping and realize about it. Revenge is just getting better and better, like Gabriel Mann said before season premiere “It’s gonna get darker” and it is getting indeed, now Kara is gone i really don’t know what’s gonna happen, but there i’ll be SURPRISE ME!.