Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Things That Make Us Go “Hmmmm…”

NBC’s new slogan
First it was “Must See TV,” then it was “Comedy Done Right,” and now it’s, well, we’re not exactly sure what it is. Or at least that was our initial reaction upon checking out earlier in the week and seeing their new slogan (Pictured above). No really. If anyone can explain to us what exactly “We NBC Comedy” means, we’re all ears.

Super-sized Casts
Fun Fact: When it comes to television, less really is oftentimes more. Which is why we not only find ourselves scratching our head over the ever-expanding number of cast members shows seem to be featuring as of late, but the manner in which the aforementioned cast members are used as well. Which is to say, super-sized casts not only plague the likes of ensemble-heavy shows such as ONCE UPON A TIME and REVENGE — affording fans less and less time to enjoy the core group of actors they’ve come to know and love — but comedies like THE MINDY PROJECT as well. Seriously. Is there not a bigger crime against acting talent right now than that show’s massive misuse of the hilarious and talented Anna Camp. In the parlance of her recent smash film Pitch Perfect, it’s Un-ACA-Ceptable!

Tuesday Night on ABC
While we here at are the first to applaud ABC for showing patience with their comedic gems that are HAPPY ENDINGS and DON’T TRUST THE B… we have to ask: Is there a less compatible lead-in across the primetime television landscape than that of the DANCING WITH THE STARS results show? Judging from the consistent and jarring ratings drop that comes after DANCING host Tom Bergeron awkwardly signs off by asking audiences to stay tuned for HAPPY ENDINGS, we’re going to go ahead and say no! And speaking of ratings…

Overnight Fast National Nielsen Ratings
Every year Networks pay the Nielsen Media Company what is presumably a tidy sum to track the viewership habits of consumers for ad sale and programming purposes. Which raises the slightly awkward albeit painfully obvious question: Why do the Networks allow Nielsen to continue to release the overnight fast national ratings data to the public? Numbers — that as anyone who visits this site on even a semi-regular basis knows all too well — do little more than paint a somewhat inaccurate picture of a dying medium.

NBC’s Shoddy Treatment of PARENTHOOD
As of this posting, NBC has yet to extend PARENTHOOD’s paltry fifteen episode fourth season order. And while many might argue that we shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, we can’t help but wonder why — particularly after the tragic and triumphant way in which the show has handled Kristina’s breast cancer storyline — this show has not earned a full season order from the Network that brought you ANIMAL PRACTICE.

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  • Devin McMusters

    I believe that it means “We peacock comedy”, with the word peacock meaning something like “disrespect” or “detest good”

  • gerald christie

    How is their treatment of Parenthood shoddy in any way? The fact that the show has managed to last 4 seasons with terrible and I mean terrible ratings, says a lot.

  • Anonymous

    NBC getting cute with peacock as a heart. Took me a while to get it, too. (I have to give the net credit for keeping several low-rated gems on the air for years. Maybe they really do peacock comedy.)

    Nielsen overnights are worthless, since what…nearly 50% of viewing is time-shifted now? I don’t know why the networks allow that company and its meaningless stats to determine their financial future.

    And since the audience for DWTS is 60+, no, it’s not a good idea for cutting edge comedy like Happy Endings to have it for a lead-in.