The Art of the Press Release: Executive Producer Hart Hanson Previews the 150th Episode of BONES

Continuing our penchant for highlighting press releases that cut through the clutter comes a few choice words from executive producer Hart Hanson, who is about to give fans even more of a reason to get excited for BONES’ 150th episode airing this Monday December 3rd on Fox (GlobalTV in Canada). See for yourself, after the jump.

Dear Critics, Twitics and Bloggers…
On Monday, Dec. 3 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX, BONES will broadcast its 150th episode. I know, we find it hard to believe, too. In celebration, we decided to shoot an episode which is markedly different from the 149 episodes which came before it and which got us to this benchmark in the first place – which may sound foolhardy but seemed apropos at the time.
The episode, entitled “The Ghost in the Machine,” is unlike any BONES episode which precedes it, in that it is told from the point of view of the murder victim. You may well exclaim, “Wait a minute, BONES! The very word ‘victim,’ suggests that the person is dead!” And you would be correct. Which is exactly what makes the episode foolhardy and apropos at the same time. From the opening frame, we see only what the empty eye sockets in the victim’s skull sees…and the victim is a 15-year-old boy. Why is he still here? Why hasn’t he moved on?
Directed by Milan Cheylov, the episode features the remarkable Cyndi Lauper as “Avalon Harmonia,” a psychic who senses the boy’s dilemma. And the murder victim – seen in a particularly touching video – is played by Cameron Defaria. Also, without spoiling too much, the boy can sing.
We hope you will take the time to preview the episode and, if you like it, tell the world to tune in on Monday. As always, thanks so much for your continued support. 
Hart Hanson
Executive Producer, BONES

BONES 150th: "The Ghost in the Machine"

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BONES: Brennan (Emily Deschanel, L) and Hodgins (TJ Thyne, R) investigate remains found in an abandoned greenhouse in the milestone 150th episode of BONES, "The Ghost in the Machine," airing Monday, Dec. 3 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Patrick McElhenney/FOX

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