Biggest Shock: The hastag that flashed on screen at the end of this week’s SCANDAL said it all! 

Best Reason To Live on The East Coast: The above-mentioned hashtag wound up spoiling the surprise for West Coasters who saw it on Twitter hours before the episode aired in their timezone.

Luckiest Contestant: Abi, one of the least-liked players in SURVIVOR memory, has managed to avoid being voted out two weeks in a row, first thanks to an immunity idol and then by winning immunity.

Easiest Target: By opting to direct a documentary about herself, Beyonce all but assured that the word “narcissistic” would be used by every person reporting on the HBO project.

Most Predictable Reversal: Shortly after video surfaced of TWO AND A HALF MEN star Angus T. Jones urging people not to watch the “filth” for which he earns $350,000 an episode, the young man praised everyone involved with the show on which, it bears repeating, he makes $350,000 an episode. Wonder if that change of heart had something to do with the number 350,000?

Best Ad Campaign: DANCE MOMS may be a weekly glorification of something just shy of child abuse, but the commercials set to the town of Flashdance‘s Maniac is just shy of brilliant.

Saddest Death: THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Stephanie dying in the arms of her longtime nemesis-turned-friend Brooke was the perfect ending to Susan Flannery’s 25-year run as the toughest fictional matriarch since Medea.
Why We Have Deja Vu: The CW is mounting their search for someone to play WONDER WOMAN. Here we go again…

Best Thing To Happen To Summer Since BIG BROTHER: CBS will turn Stephen King’s novel “Under The Dome” — about a town that is suddenly, mysteriously sealed off from the rest of the world — into a 13-week series.

Most Unlikely Casting: Former ONE TREE HILL heartthrob Chad Michael Murray will play a “loose cannon” during SOUTHLAND’s fifth season.

Proof There Is Such A Thing As Bad Publicity: Given the endless talk swirling around Lifetime’s LIZ & DICK and its scandal-plagued star, Lindsay Lohan, the show got surprisingly middling ratings.
Best Life-Support System: The late Larry Hagman’s son, Preston, told ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT that TNT’s reboot of DALLAS basically kept his dad alive. “It wasn’t about the money,” he said, “it wasn’t about the fame. It was about him acting. That’s what he did.”

Weirdest Promotion: Andy and Jonathan Hillstrand, the jovial brothers from Discovery’s hit DEADLIEST CATCH, will hock Alaskan style crab cakes… on QVC. Ladies, if you’ve ever wanted to get your man to watch the shopping channel, this is your chance!
Most Unexpected Pimpage: Any movie can get endlessly promoted on shows like EXTRA, but LINCOLN has been feted by Oprah’s OWN and MSNBC’s UP WITH CHRIS.