Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Ways To Fix REVENGE

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Last season, REVENGE was one of the must buzzed-about shows on TV. And while there are still a whole lotta people talking about it, the question most fans have is, “What the heck went wrong?” But if we’re being honest, the cracks were showing toward the end of last season when it became clear that the show suffered from multiple personalities. Did it want to be a balls-to-the-wall soap… or an action series? Fortunately, as with any continuing story, the ship can be righted if it does a few course adjustments. Here’s our recommendations for how to get things back on track!

Dump The Initiative
Too often this season, REVENGE has felt more like ALIAS. And while we loved that show, it’s not why we came to the Hamptons. The delicious soap we bought into has morphed into something we hardly recognize.

Kill Aiden
We spent the entire first season investing in the fantastically messy Jack/Emily/Daniel/Amanda saga only to have that tossed aside so that our anti-heroine could be wooed by a previously unmentioned ex.

Lighten Jack Up
What’s this guy gotta do to catch a break? We loved the soulful Jack who weeped when his beloved pooch died, but these days the guy with the puppy dog eyes is about as much fun to be around as a rabid squirrel.

Bring Back Mason
While he should most definitely be used in small doses, the one-man Greek chorus and his barbed accusations make his appearances a sheer delight.

“Reunite” Emily And Victoria
This show is at its best when its female leads are warily circling — or sniping at — one another, something that’s happened far too infrequently this season. Daniel obviously still has the hots for Emily, so let’s reunite them ASAP if only to make sure Victoria’s perfect puss has reason to pucker with distaste!

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  • Killing Aiden would be a cheap way out. If they do decide to write him out, I really hope for a better solution. (But I actually like the guy, so I’d rather not do that either. 😉 )

    My proposal is: let someone find out about Emily. Charlotte, Declan, Jack – these are all characters that could be made far more interesting by letting them in on the secret.

  • Carrie Niernberger

    i disagree with 2 and 3. I like Aiden. I don’t want him around forever but i like that she has another ally now. Jack is in a somewhat dark place right now so i like him moody. I agree with the earlier poster. Someone else needs to get in on the secret soon.

  • Eric Pharand

    Let Charlotte know. Have Emily train Charlotte.