The HFPA Announces Their 2013 GOLDEN GLOBE AWARD Nominees and We’ve Got Your Good, Bad & Ugly!

The Good: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (see above) are hosting the show! Which means that this TV Addict is all but guaranteed to overlook any flaw that results from an award show guilty of putting far too much nominating power in the hands of a mere ninety plus members of the Hollywood Foreign Press. Also helping us to overlook any egregious snubs (More on that later) is the fact that it’s pretty hard to argue with any voting body that recognizes contributions from the likes of Amy Poehler (PARKS AND RECREATION), Don Cheadle (HOUSE OF LIES), Benedict Cumberbatch (SHERLOCK), among many many others! What’s more, aside from some particularly peculiar shout outs to SMASH and THE NEWSROOM, two freshman shows whose occasional sparks of brilliance were far overshadowed by poorly written characters and costume design, there is virtually no nominee — be it show, actor or actress — that we truly detest having made the list.

The Bad: Aside from making our blood boil, disappointing — albeit not quite unexpected — snubs for PARKS AND RECREATION, PARENTHOOD and MAD MEN do little but reaffirm our belief that the Hollywood Foreign Press cares less about the quality of the small screen and more about the big name [movie] stars that will help sell the newspaper or website they’re pushing. It’s a belief that can not only be seen in nominations for the likes of HEMINGWAY & GELLHORN’s Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen, but in the always ridiculous mash-up of supporting actor/actress categories in a TV series, Mini-Series or Movie that results in inexplicable head-to-head match-ups like the one between MODERN FAMILY’s Sofia Vergara and DOWNTON ABBEY’s Maggie Smith. As always, it’s not so much that we have an issue with what did and didn’t get nominated, but rather the haphazard way in which the television categories are treated that leaves us with the distinct impression that the medium we love so dear is being treated like a second-class citizen in contrast to the far flashier film categories.

The Ugly: Well, aside from the fact that the January 13th ceremony will most likely be the last time to bask in the awesomeness that was POLITICAL ANIMALS’ Sigourney Weaver, how about these snubs: GAME OF THRONES! SHAMELESS! THE WALKING DEAD! SONS OF ANARCHY! THE GOOD WIFE! HAPPY ENDINGS! DEXTER! Agree, disagree, have your say in the comments below…

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