LOST GIRL Scoop: Star Anna Silk Previews a Third Season Unlike Any Other!

Perfectly timed to coincide with tonight’s much-anticipated third season premiere of LOST GIRL on Showcase in Canada, theTVaddict.com recently had the pleasure of chatting one-on-one with the show’s titular star Anna Silk. But just what did the delightful LOST GIRL leading lady have to say about what’s fans can expect from this third season, her character’s increasingly intricate relationships with Dyson, Lauren and Kenzi, not to mention how actress Rachel Skarsten joining the cast affects the show? See for yourself, after the jump.

LOST GIRL airs Sundays at 9PM on Showcase in Canada.

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  • Jen

    it also comes on syfy channel in the usa. the 3rd season starts up next week!!

  • Manu

    Sigh. I love Anna Silk. That was a great one (props for the Doccubus question), thank you!