Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with BUNHEADS Star Sutton Foster

In anticipation of tonight’s much-anticipated return of BUNHEADS on ABC Family (ABC Spark in Canada!), thought now might be as good as any to share our brief one-on-one with star Sutton Foster. With whom we recently had the pleasure of catching up with via phone to preview the second half of BUNHEADS first season.

Despite being very well received, the first half of BUNHEADS season was not a breakout smash ratings wise. Are you surprised to have gotten the go ahead for more and is it frustrating as someone known predominantly for her work on stage that you can’t just look out in the audience and see who is watching?
Sutton Foster: Totally! In New York you’re like, “There are 3 people in the audience, obviously we’re in trouble!” Where as in TV you have no idea! But it has been so fascinating. This is my first foray into something like this and what was incredible when we first premiered was that the show was getting such a positive response. Yet all the time, we had no idea if we were going to get to do more. Even when we wrapped the first ten episodes we all left going, “Okay this has been fun…” I was so excited that we got picked up for more and I’m so glad ABC Family is giving us a real shot because I feel like the show is just building and I really hope it just continues to move forward.

In typical Amy-Sherman Palladino fashion, BUNHEADS’ midseason finale pulled the rug out from everyone just as it looked like things were looking up for Michelle! Where does tonight’s premiere pick-up?
Michelle has left paradise and is now sleeping on her friends couch in Vegas. She’s working in Henderson Nevada in a casino as a magician’s assistant. It’s pretty bad. What’s worse, things back in Paradise aren’t much better either. The studio has sort of shut down after the whole macing fiasco from last season’s finale, the girls are all over the place, while Fanny is redecorating and doesn’t know what else to do. The first couple of episodes are really about what the hell is going to happen now. It’s a neat series of events where everyone sort of finds each other, but how they get there is cool.

News recently broke that your real-life brother Hunter Foster is joining the show as Michelle’s small screen brother. What’s that experience been like?
We both had careers as actors but sort of singularly apart from each other so this has been a really awesome opportunity. We’ve shot about an episode and a half together and he’s so awesome. He’s also staying with me in my house! We’re living together which is a first in twenty-five years so we’re really having fun. It’s such an opportunity for us as adults to spend time together and also to work together is really really cool. As far as the character’s standpoint, for Michelle to have her brother come into the picture, it’s a window into why Michelle is the way she is. Suffice it to say, her brother is just as big a mess as she is. He’s coming to visit after his fourth failed marriage, he’s a bit of a drifter and they’re kind of there for each other.

Has it been fun watching the titular “Bunheads” evolve from professional dancers to professional actresses over the course of the first season?
It’s been really really fun. To see them really find their footing and their way. Especially from the first 10 episodes to now, it has been great to watch them grow as young women and also as actresses. Becoming more and more confident and more and more sure of themselves. They’re fantastic you ladies.

And finally, when we last chatted in the summer, you were firm that Michelle wasn’t ready for a relationship having just lost her fiancé Hubbell. Any chance that might change during the second half of BUNHEADS’ first season?
I keep looking at Amy [Sherman-Palladino] and asking, “Any romance on the horizon?” There may be, I’m not sure. There’s a little flirty fun happening but as far as Michelle is concerned I don’t know if her answer is another guy. When she married Hubble she thought maybe this will solve all her problems and I don’t know if meeting a guy is where all of the answers are. I think she needs to find a out a whole bunch on her own for herself and then maybe she can find love.

BUNHEADS airs Mondays at 9PM on ABC Family (ABC Spark in Canada)

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