Good News, Bad News: Special GOLDEN GLOBES Edition!

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Living up to its long-touted namesake as Hollywood’s biggest party. Sunday night’s 70th Annual GOLDEN GLOBES was a roller-coast of emotion. The good and bad of which we’ve handily chronicled after the jump.

Good News: Hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey made the most of what little screen time they were given by skewering their fellow Hollywood brethren both fearlessly (Joked Poehler, “Kathryn Bigelow’s nominated tonight. I haven’t really been following the controversy over Zero Dark Thirty, but when it comes to torture, I trust the lady who spent three years married to James Cameron”) and flawlessly (Joked Fey, “Anne Hathaway, you gave a stunning performance in Les Misérables. I have not seen someone so totally alone and abandoned like that since you were on stage with James Franco at the Oscars.”). Bad News: With 30 ROCK already haven wrapped up production and PARKS AND RECREATION’s future still up in the air, hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s day jobs will in no way benefit from the surprisingly large number of viewers who tuned in to see them work their magic.

Good News: Jodie Foster’s acceptance of her Lifetime Achievement Award transformed what would traditionally be our cue to take a bathroom break into — depending on ones point of a view — a shockingly honest or somewhat self-indulgent moment that will most assuredly go down in Golden Globe history. Bad News: Honey Boo Boo getting name checked by Jodie Foster makes us sadder than we care to admit.

Good News: From HOMELAND”s Damien Lewis and Claire Danes, to girls like Dame Maggie Smith (DOWNTON ABBEY), Julianne Moore (GAME CHANGE) and Lena Dunham (GIRLS), it’s hard to argue with last night’s television winners. Bad News: Unless of course you’re a Broadcast exec at ABC, CBS, NBC FOX and The CW who were yet again forced to suffer the indignity of another show sans a broadcast winner.

Good News: Via circumstances we can only imagine were orchestrated by Arvin Sloane from beyond the grave, last night’s ceremony was a star-studded affair for us ALIAS addicts. Inadvertently reuniting alums Jennifer Garner (Mrs. Ben Affleck), Bradley Cooper (Nominee for Silver Linings Playbook), Victor Garber (Argo actor) and Lena Olin (Wife to Salmon Fishing in the Yemen director Lasse Hallström) under the same roof. Bad News: As of this posting, we have yet to see a photo surface online!

Good News: Adele’s acceptance speech for Best Original Song (Skyfall) was a delightful breath a fresh air during a usually stodgy affair. Bad News: Taylor Swift — who did not win for her “Safe & Sound” contribution to The Hunger Games soundtrack — is already rumored to be penning a song about her disappointment.

Good News: As expected, Anne Hathaway, walked away with a win for her mesmerizing work in Les Misérables. Bad News: Less expected was her stealing the thunder from Misérables win for Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical win having hijacked the Producers’ time to thank her manager of 14 years that she neglected to recognize during her own speech.

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    That gif of Taylor Swift is EPIC! i could literally watch it for hours…