SUITS Mid-Season TV Preview: Old Loves, New Threats and Shocking Revelations Bring More Trouble to Pearson Hardman

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Before the mid-season hiatus, SUITS left fans and viewers with a classic “high noon” stand-off between the nefarious Daniel Hardman (David Constabile) and the firm.  With Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) being a key player for both sides, Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) and Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) eventually prevailed in ousting Hardman.  But while the firm was in the midst of a partnership battle, Mike Ross (Patrick Adams) was facing a personal crisis when his beloved grandmother died – sending Mike into the waiting arms of an old flame.  So while Jessica and Harvey had every reason to be celebrating, Mike was spiraling out of control; and when Rachel appeared at Mike’s door and saw him with Tess, his ex-girlfriend, it was an excruciating moment, as we knew Mike had once again trampled on Rachel’s heart. 
In the back six episodes of the second season, life does not get any easier for Mike Ross.  Actions have consequences and Mike’s proverbial “blank slate” does not absolve him from all his bad choices.  Harvey may have provided Mike with a second chance at life by giving him an associate position at the Pearson Hardman firm, but that opportunity is not one to be cavalierly squandered.  As Harvey shall soon tell Mike, it is time to get his “shit” together.   Mike cannot just drown his sorrows pharmacologically or by engaging in an extramarital affair.  If Mike’s carefully-constructed cover is to be upheld, he must live a more exemplary life.  The days of wayward behavior must be curbed and it is time to earn the job position that he was graciously bestowed, which places both Harvey and Jessica’s law licenses on the line should it ever be discovered.  Thus, as soon shall be seen, Mike’s recent foray into his old life will prove a bone of contention between he and Harvey. 
With Jessica preoccupied with firm concerns, Harvey worried about Mike and Mike pin-balling between emotional crutches, these final episodes will also explore what has been going on with Donna, Rachel and Louis.  For Donna, she is well past her brush with the law in the destruction of the fraudulent memo and only wants to do right by Harvey and the firm.  But she sees Mike’s pain and the trouble he is headed towards without strong intervention.  As for Rachel, the glimpse into Mike’s pain and his choice of inoculation has put up yet another barrier in their budding-romance.  But even Rachel is not so unforgiving that she cannot see that Mike is not thinking clearly and may need a word of advice from someone he will listen to.  Then Louis, heaven help Louis!  All the dirty deeds under the direction of Daniel Hardman are not going to be forgiven soon and Louis has a long way to go to regain the trust of his peers.  Life will never looked lonelier than it will for Louis as he wrestles with whether his life would be better moving on from the firm to a more welcoming work environment.
So with all these weighty matters looming, it was with great pleasure that stars Gabriel Macht, Patrick Adams, Gina Torres, Rick Hoffman, Meghan Markle and Sarah Rafferty shared a few teasers about what lies ahead for the troubled souls of Pearson Hardman:

Life is about to change again for everyone and yet for all the bad moments there will be great moments too.  Fans should look forward to some fun tough-love scenes, some unexpected comedy and levity, and some heart-warming glimpses into the hearts of each one of these amazing characters.
SUITS returns with all new episodes on Thursday, January 17th at 10PM on USA Network.  Time to SUIT-up!

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