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2 BROKE GIRLS has followed the wacky world of Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs), who brought their own particular style and fun outlook on life together to make the CBS comedy series feel fresh and hilarious.  Taking a few minutes to chat about her series 2 BROKE GIRLS at the recent WB Mondo International Press Tour, star Kat Dennings shared insights into her character Max and a few more fun things you may not have known about her.
How much of Whitney Cummings (executive producer of 2 BROKE GIRLS) do you think is your character?  Does she influence you a lot?
KAT: Yes, absolutely.  Especially in the beginning of season one.  To me, this is my theory: Whitney is Max and Michael is Caroline.  That’s my theory.  It could be wrong, but to me that’s what’s going on here.  And as I’ve gotten to know Max more, I’ve made her a little more me, especially season two.  Season one, you know, we’re finding our characters and trying to, like, figure out how we’re going to do this.  And so season two, since we’ve done one already, we feel a lot more free ?? speaking for me and Beth, which I shouldn’t.  But for me, I feel a lot more comfortable and free to experiment, and I’ve been more relaxed.
What of your characteristics does Max now have?
KAT: I think Max is starting to become like a little more nerdy, and that’s completely me.  So I think they know me now well enough, the writers, that they’ve integrated a little bit of my true self into Max.
So now nerdy are you, then?  What’s the nerdiest thing we’ll find you doing?
KAT: Oh, God.  Nerdy now is cool, but I’m not nerdy cool.  It’s a real ?? this is the thing.  I’m glad nerdy has become so popular.  But it’s more like I don’t go out and I really don’t go out.  I don’t even go to parties ever.  I just stay home, I knit, and I watch movies.  And that’s basically my whole entire life, which is great.  That’s my dream.  I miss that.  I really do.
Is there room for improvisation in 2 BROKE GIRLS?
KAT: No improvisation, none whatsoever. None. Word?for?word.
What about the rehearsal; do you talk before with your partner about the scenes?  Do you go over them?
KAT: Me and Beth?  Oh, yes, yes.  We run lines all day, between scenes.  Every single second that we can, we run lines, yeah.  It’s a lot of lines.  If it sounds like it’s improv, it’s not.  If we get one or two words wrong, we have to stop and go back.  They are very, very rigid about the words, which I understand, because sometimes jokes don’t exactly sound right unless every word’s perfect.
Maybe you can’t talk a lot, but can you tell us a little bit about “Thor”?
KAT: You know I can’t tell you a lot.  I can’t.  I don’t know exactly what they’re releasing, so I’m not sure what I’m allowed to say.  And if I say the wrong thing, I’m going to probably be assassinated.
You had mention how difficult it is to juggle movies and TV.  So when you first were approached to this project, were you hesitant at some point? 
KAT: No.  Because this was a special case, because it’s the second “Thor” movie.  So I was in the first one and I didn’t know whether I was in the second one.  So when I heard I was, I was so excited I basically said I’ll do anything to make this work; I don’t care how many times I have to go, I’ll do it.  And initially, I was supposed to go five times, which was crazy, but I was prepared.  And then they miraculously, like, cut it down to three.  So it’s been very jam-packed, but amazing.  I’m so happy I got to do it. Because movies are like my only reference for working, so I didn’t know what it would be like to be on a series.  And I truthfully wasn’t looking to do any TV because I was having such a great time with films.  But because it was Michael Patrick King and Whitney Cummings, I was like, well, if I’m going to do it, this is the one to do.  And it just kind of fell into my lap at just the right moment.  And I had ?? I’ll never forget it.  I had sushi with them, and they basically just like seduced me into dinner.  And I was like, yes, I’ll do it.  And we didn’t even talk about the show.  I just loved them both so much that I just said yes, and it worked out.  It worked out.  I regret nothing.  It was the best decision I’ve ever made.
Do you like comic books?
KAT: Love comic books, love comic books.  Love “Thor.”  My brother collected comic books when we were kids, so it’s very exciting.  I’m a big Marvel fan so it’s pretty crazy.
A lot of people are discovering TV shows now, buying the whole set on DVD.  I’m sure the first season of your show will be like that.  Is that how you like to watch TV?  What do you think of this whole new way that you not only get them all together, but you get the outtakes and the features?
KAT: I like that, personally.  I do.  I just got a TiVo, and I got it for free because I presented at the Emmys and they gave me one, and I didn’t even have one.  So I watch TV the old?fashioned way usually.  But now that I don’t have any time at home to relax, I do get the DVDs.  And you know, I watch them on iTunes.  And to me that’s what I like.  I hate when a show that you’re watching ends and you have to wait a week to see the next one.  I hate that.  So when I can, like with DOWNTON ABBEY and stuff, I’m like I’m not going to watch this; I’m going to wait till the DVD is out so I can watch them all at the same time, which is the move, I think.
What else do you watch besides DOWNTON ABBEY?
KAT: Let’s see.  What new shows do I watch?  I like the new Sherlock Holmes with Benedict Cumberbatch.  I just like saying that name.  What else?  Jeez, it’s pretty hard.  It’s pretty hard for me to watch TV at this time.  I’m now watching more movies than TV.
Could you tell us what to for the rest of the season?
KAT: Well, Max and Caroline finally get their cupcake shop.  And they get a 20,000?dollar loan which puts them in debt $20,000.  So they get their dream, but they also are screwed, because now they’re more broke than they’ve ever been in their lives.  So that’s really fun to look at the reality of having a business.  And Michael Patrick King really wants to play the reality.  It’s not like, oh, they got their shop, the end.  It’s really like what’s it like to have a shop when you have no money and no experience.
To see more of the zany Max and Caroline adventures, be sure to tune in for an all new episode of 2 BROKE GIRLS Mondays at 9PM on CBS (CityTV in Canada)

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