Is SCANDAL About To Pull Its Biggest Shocker to Date?


WARNING: If you haven’t watched this week’s episode of SCANDAL, stop reading right this second. You’ve been warned!

At the end of this week’s episode, SCANDAL dropped a few bombshells on us, including the fact that Hollis (Boo! Hiss!) wasn’t actually behind the attempted assassination of President Sexypants. We also saw, via flashback, how key moments in the rigging of the election, the Cytron explosion and the transformation of Lindsey Dwyer into Quinn Perkins unfolded.

They may also have dropped hints about a game-changing twist that would turn our entire perspective on Olivia Pope and her world upside down.

No, this isn’t a “spoiler,” but rather a theory, but hear me out.

For months, we’ve all been laboring under the assumption that Hollis ordered the destruction of Cytron to cover up any evidence of the election rigging which landed Fitz in office. But what if Hollis actually ordered the explosion to cover up evidence of what didn’t happen?

By roping fellow power players Olivia, Cyrus, Vera and Mellie into his election-rigging scheme, Hollis managed to put himself in a position of power over all of them for the rest of their lives. After all, he could forever hold over the heads of these otherwise upstanding citizens the fact that they had altered the course of history by breaking some pretty serious laws.

However, what if something went wrong with his plan to rig the election? What if Lindsey’s boyfriend called the next morning to say, “I have good news and bad news. The bad news? Our software screwed up. The good news? Your guy wound up winning fair and square.”

Awesome news, right? Unless, of course, you’re Hollis, and you were looking forward to holding the feet of your coconspirators over the fire forevermore, forcing them to bend to your will at every turn.

In other words: What if Hollis blew up Cytron — and the only person capable of revealing the truth — in order to keep the others from knowing they hadn’t actually rigged an election? What if Olivia’s been fretting about having sullied her white hat for no good reason?

It’s a theory… right?

Sound off with your thoughts below!

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  • I would love that to be true!! I have been thinking that, too. Now the million dollar question is who did hire the hit out Fitz. Reston, Vera, Mellie, Cyrus or Edison. It as to be someone we have seen, maybe Billy is alive, but still

  • Wow, I like the way you think. That would be an excellent turn of events. Very plausible theory, because yes, I was wondering how they will all get out of this beyond killing everyone involved! I hope you are right!

  • stacy lewis

    If that were true how did Cyrus’ husband get the sd card that was in the voting machine that confirmed the theory that the election was rigged? He then handed it over to David.