Good News, Bad News: NCIS, OSCARS & E!

Good News: SEX AND THE CITY’s John Corbett may very soon be returning to our living rooms on a regular basis. Bad News: Having just signed on to yet another NCIS spinoff. [Source]

Good News: The cast of The Avengers will reunite to present at the upcoming February 24th OSCAR ceremony. Bad News: If we wanted to sit through an infomercial masquerading as an award show we’d tune into the MTV Movie Awards. [Source]

Good News: A popular british boy band has landed their own reality show on E! Bad News: Can someone please tell us who on earth The Wanted are. [Source]

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  • simon

    The Wanted are an awesome British boyband who have sold more records and found more fame in europe than most domestic US artists have in the US. Stop being an elitist american prick (whoever you are) and give them a listen – then, if you dont like ’em, diss them all you want but don’t be rude just coz you can (this isn’t perez hilton!).

    Jeez, I started not liking this page when you started hatin’ on CBS comedies, now i realised that you’re just hostile.

  • Chris-Wait

    I think he might be an elitist Canadian prick 😉