Biggest Shock: When SCANDAL revealed the shooter in the first 5 minutes, we knew it’d be a big episode. But we couldn’t have predicted that literal killer of an ending!

Eh-Mazing Moment of the Week: Reacting to a joke during Monday’s Canadian-centric episode of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Tim Hortons introduced ‘The Priestley.’

Eh-Mazing Moment of the Week II: Truth be told, we may have been a little too proud of Brick for convincing Frankie and Mike to buy him an iPad on this week’s episode of THE MIDDLE.

Coolest Mom: Phylicia Rashad — of DO NO HARM, though best known as the mother of THE COSBY SHOW’s clan — took reality show parents to task. “I don’t know mothers who act like that! Do I really want to sit here and watch that? Is that what I want to do with the moments of this life?” 
Must Public Funeral: The body hasn’t yet been put on public display, but critics have already declared COMMUNITY deader than Freddie Prinze Jr.’s career.
Worst Thing To Happen To The South Since The Civil War: MTV is bringing the West Virginia set BUCKWILD back for a second season.
Biggest Backfire: LAW & ORDER: SVU tried to drum up publicity by having convicted rapist Mike Tyson play a rape victim… only to see the show get its worst-ever ratings.
Twist Everyone On The Planet Saw Coming: Long before GREYS ANATOMY’s Callie suggested the survivors buy Seattle Grace, viewers were rolling their eyes and tweeting like mad about the obvious solution to the hospital’s financial woes.
Biggest Hypocrite: Donald Trump, in discussing his $5 million lawsuit against Bill Maher, declared, “What he said about my father is disgraceful.” And of course, if anyone would know the meaning of “disgraceful” it is the man who sent out (and then later deleted) tweets insisting that Obama had “lost the popular vote by a lot” (which he didn’t), advocated a revolution and advised that Republicans hold the debt ceiling hostage as a negotiating tactic. Stay classy!  
Silliest Controversy: Move over, Beyonce lip-synch, there’s a new ridiculous thing for people to obsess over… Go Daddy’s nerd-kisses-hot-chick Superbowl ad.
Oddest Product Launch: Okay, we’ll bet you didn’t know that Vanilla Ice — yes, we mean that Vanilla Ice — has his own reality show on HGTV. And if you didn’t know that, you sure as heck didn’t know he has a new line of… wait for it… wait for it… chandeliers. No, seriously. Don’t believe us? Go to (You know you want to!)
Silliest Firing: After accidentally tweeting “Me likey Broke Girls” from his bosses account, a spokesperson for congressman Paul Labrador was axed despite having deleted it 14 seconds later. Buzzfeed declared the decision “the single most embarrassing personnel decision by a member of congress in 2013.”
Most Underappreciated Show: Is DO NO HARM great television? Heck, no. But it’s also not as bad as the ratings would indicate. In fact, given its fun premise, fast pace and steadfast disconnection from anything even remotely realistic, it might just be the most entertaining show you’re not watching. And speaking of entertaining shows you’re most certainly not watching…

Most Improved Show: After a rocky start, THE MINDY PROJECT continues to make the case for a second season renewal with another stellar episode playing to Kaling’s strengths.
Best Shout-Out: White House press secretary Jay Carney called Jon Stewart’s interview with President Obama for THE DAILY SHOW “most substantive than many others.” Translation: You suck, Fox News.
Most Nervous Actor: We have to think that after GIRLS mastermind Lena Dunham admitted that she thinks “all the time” about killing off a character — and that the most likely candidate would be Shoshanna — portrayer Zosia Marmet greets each new script a bit warily!

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    Wow, I guess we know where TvAddict stands politically. What a trite recitation of predictable partisan talking points. Can’t we just read about TV shows without being beat over the head with more “see, I can be snarky like you Jon Stewart!” self-satisfied preening?