Worst Trend: But SURVIVOR and CELEBRITY APPRENTICE are building ad campaigns that basically make contestants look mentally unstable. Whether they are or not, it seems ill-advised at best and downright despicable at worst.
Most Unexpected Move: SCANDAL topped last week’s jaw-dropper by shifting the story ahead 10 months and setting several new storylines in motion.

Biggest Mystery: Are we the only ones who find it a little bit funny that the GLEE club that spent the better part of three seasons raising money for competition after competition seems to have an unlimited travel budget to fly in-and-out-of Lima Indiana at will!

Coolest Premise: AMC is preparing a show called THE TERROR in which a monster stalks the crew of an ice-bound ship. 

Juiciest Job Perk: Not only did Felicity Smoak’s clearance level get a serious upgrade thanks to Oliver alerting her to his now-not-so-secret identity, Smoak’s smoking portrayer Emily Bett Rickards got bumped to series regular status for season two.

Most Disappointing Reunion: How on earth the king of wink-wink-nudge-nudge humor failed to capitalize on an episode of CASTLE that reunited FIREFLY’s Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres. Well, we’ll never know.

Why The Harry Potter Lover In Your Household Just Squealed: CBS has cast Rubert “Ron Weasley” Grint as the lead in SUPER CLYDE, in which he’ll play a nerd-turned-superhero!

Why The FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Lover In Your Household Just Yelled Touchdown: Showtime has just announced scored the most sought after free agent on the small screen, signing Kyle Chandler to star in Ridley Scott’s VATICAN pilot.

Least Surprising Ratings: Of course SURVIVOR returned to lower numbers. When will the networks learn that absence makes the heart grow fonder. We can’t actually miss something that never seems to go away!
Dumbest Move: Rather than move it to a new timeslot or try re-launching it as a summer series, NBC flat-out axed DO NO HARM. Because they have so many other awesome shows on their schedule people are just dying to see more of.
Worst Use Of A Word: Hey, ABC? If you run two episodes of THE BACHELOR every week, it stops being a two-night “event.”
Most Buzzed About Water Break: Marco Rubio’s awkward hydration during the Republican response to the State Of The Union got more attention than anything he (or President Obama, for that matter) actually said.
Worst Tie-In: Why, exactly, did CBS air a Grammy-centric episode of TWO BROKE GIRLS… the day after the awards show?
Most Self-Absorbed Friends: Couldn’t the other GREYS ANATOMY docs have gotten the exact same results by quitting Seattle Grace without putting Yang in the position of damaging her relationship?
Biggest Bomb: Remember how DO NO HARM was, two weeks ago, the lowest-rated in-season debut of a series? Well, ABC now has a low of its own thanks to ZERO HOUR, which was that network’s lowest-ever rated in-season debut.
The “We Shoulda Seen That Coming” Award Goes To… : Fox News, which this week announced it had hired pizza-dude-turned-presidential-candidate Herman Cain as a contributor.
Oddest Description: According to’s summary of the CW pilot BLINK, the show revolves around a family whose lives “are forever changed, for better and worse, when the patriarch has a car accident resulting in a coma-like syndrome.” What the heck is the “better” in that scenario?
Dead Men (And Women) Walking: Say farewell to the cast of HAPPY ENDINGS now that the show’s been moved to Friday, aka the last stop before cancellation.
Why Fangirls Are Weeping With Joy: The CW renewed SUPERNATURAL this week, as well as ARROW and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. Not at all suspiciously missing from the list? BEAUTY & THE BEAUTY… er, BEAST.

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  • I’m more baffled at the fact New Directions suddenly won Sectionals after The Warbler’s disqualification when in reality The Rosedale Mennonites were 2nd place. Shouldn’t they have won instead? That’s an unforgiveable plot hole in my opinion.