Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Our Roller Coaster of VERONICA MARS Movie Project Emotions!

From providing the inspiration for our adorable Golden Doodle’s moniker, to being the impetus for our first ever impromptu trip to San Diego Comic Con following an unexpected invitation by one of our favorite Warner Bros. Television [WBTV] publicists to interview the cast, VERONICA MARS has always held a very special and unique place in this TV Addict’s heart. Which is why we wanted to take a moment to share with you the recent roller coaster of emotions we experienced following the unexpectedly epic announcement of the Kickstarter project to raise money for the VERONICA MARS movie. See for yourself, after the jump.

Less than two days after the Kickstarter launched in support of the VERONICA MARS project and less then twenty-four hours after incredible success that saw the project reach its funding goal in record time, this TV Addict remains on cloud nine. Not only has a television showrunner [Rob Thomas] finally made good on his or her promise to turn his brilliant-but-cancelled series into a movie [Paging the creators of DEADWOOD line one!], he enlisted the help of his show’s passionate fan base to help bring it to life.

Despite the fact that we remain steadfastly supportive of the VERONICA MARS Movie Project, a teensy little part of us — you know, the snarky and cynical voice in the back of our head that is partially responsible for our love affair with Ms. Mars in the first place — will admit to feeling somewhat perturbed after the initial wave of excitement surrounding the announcement subsided. Have we seriously been denied a VERONICA MARS movie because WBTV — also known as the multibillion dollar Hollywood studio that nets hundreds million of dollars annually from the likes of FRIENDS, TWO AND A HALF MEN, ER and many many others — can’t pony up a mere two million dollars [Read pocket change] to placate a dedicated fan base? Evidently yes! That said, our resentment quickly subsided after (a) remembering that it’s called showbusiness not showfriends for a reason, and (b) reading some well thought out pieces by TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich and this interview with MARS mastermind Rob Thomas courtesy of HitFix’s Alan Sepinwall.

As anyone who has ever gone shoe shopping with us can attest, this TV Addict is not good when it comes to choice. Thus, one can only imagine how long it took us to comb through the multitude of pledge options in order to decide upon how much to donate. Which, for the record, having already purchased the show’s three seasons on DVD and a complete lack of affinity for autographs, landed us at the $100 level. And yes, we are already counting down the days until we get to sport our snazzy VERONICA MARS T-shirt!

If VERONICA MARS can be resuscitated in less than twenty-four hours with the help of a fervent fandom, just imagine what’s next: More FIREFLY, a FREAKS AND GEEKS reunion, the long gossiped about GILMORE GIRLS movie, a comeback for the appropriately named Lisa Kudrow vehicle THE COMEBACK… the list goes on… literally! Just check out TVLine’s 7 Shows That Should Follow Veronica Mars’ Kickstarter Lead (and 3 That Shouldn’t).

Forget my not-so-small-screen worthy mug! Just how much money would one have to pony up to snag a walk on role for my four-legged friend named after Tina Majorino’s Mac? Seriously @RobThomas, tweet us @thetvaddict!

Click here to learn more about the VERONICA MARS Movie Project.

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