Photopalooza: Inside CASTLE’s 100th Episode Celebration

castle 100 episode

Did your invitation to CASTLE’s 100th episode celebration get, err… lost in the mail? Well, never fear, is here. Specifically here with a look inside the cake-cutting ceremony that took place on Wednesday February 27th. See for yourself, after the jump. Read the rest of this entry.

CASTLE's 100th Episode Celebration

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CASTLE’s 100th episode airs on Monday April 1st at 10PM on ABC (CTV in Canada).

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  • Wow! Look at all those smiling faces! Lasting to 100 episodes is no small achievement. I still remember those first few awkward episodes like they were yesterday but now the shows characters are like friends I welcome into my home. I laugh with them and cry with them.

    You should rewind and relive the first season. You’ll wonder how we ever got here. Amazon can help. They are offering a deal on “Castle: The Complete First Season” and you should let it pass you by.