Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons Why Fans Are All Atwitter About GENERAL HOSPITAL’s 50th Anniversary Episode

Although it wound up airing a day after the official 50th anniversary, yesterday’s special episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL had fans — and the Twitterverse — buzzing. Why? Well, let’s look at just a few of the highlights!

The Shout-Outs
From head nurse Epiphany chatting with Doris on the phone and sending her love to Frank (a tip of the hat to the show’s creators, Doris and Frank Hursley) to the black-and-white clip of Steve and Audrey Hardy dancing, the hour did what soaps do best: played its history in ways big and small.

The Returns
For a while there, the Quartermaine living room looked like something out of THE WALKING DEAD thanks to Rick, Alan and Emily all rising from their graves long enough to help bickering sister-in-laws Monica and Tracy bury the hatchet… and not in one another, as usual. As if that wasn’t enough, fans were treated to visits from Brenda, Jax and Ethan, all of whom will be sticking around a tad longer than the ghostly trio!

The Stories
It would have been easy to simply fill the hour with sentimental dialogue and returns that didn’t actually advance plots. But by the end of the hour, Brenda and Jax had announced their engagement, and — in true soap style — a cliffhanger was set up which put daytime’s most legendary pair, Luke and Laura (along with his illegitimate offspring, Ethan) in mortal danger!

The Opening
Special credits put together for the anniversary featured a mash-up of past sequences, including what is for many one of the most iconic in the show’s history: an ambulance, siren blaring, approaching the hospital

Patrick’s Monologue
“What’s life but one person’s story crossing with another?” began Dr. Drake as the final set of scenes played out. “This place changed my life,” he said, speaking for many fans who’ve followed the residents of Port Charles for years. “I know I’m not the only one.”

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  • Was a truly amazing hour and a great tribute to the show we fans have loved. So glad it is back at the top of its game!