Oddest Ad Campaign: Promos for THE MENTALIST tout that by season’s end, “only seven suspects will remain” in their on-going mystery. Only? That may not mean what you think it means!

Sudsiest Lawsuit: Production company Prospect Park filed a lawsuit alleging that ABC, in essence, set out to prevent returning soaps ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE from being successful. If the drama that unfolds on screen is half as intriguing as what’s going on behind the scenes, the shows should be huge hits.

Best Neighbor: ABC is putting the final eight episodes of the underrated sitcom DON’T TRUST THE B on Hulu and iTunes.

Biggest Dud: Inspired by the success of VERONICA MARS, Melissa Joan Hart launched a kickstarter campaign of her own… but only raised $30,000 of the $2 million she’d targeted.

Funnest Guessing Game: Watching VH1’s OFF PITCH leaves one wondering if the supposed reality show was, as claimed, inspired by GLEE… or WAITING FOR GUFFMAN.

Best Description: TMZ reported that BUCKWILD’s Shae Bradley and Jesse J have a vid being shopped around on which they have “trailer park sex.” The site goes on to say, ‘translation — nothing fancy, down and dirty and a tad tacky… she doesn’t even take her shirt off.”  

Most Shamefull Gaffe: CNN once again proved itself to be more interested in being first than being accurate by exclusively — if wrongly — reporting that a suspect in the Boston bombings had been arrested.

Best Reveal: As DALLAS’ John Ross said of his pop’s demise, “The only person that could take down J.R. was J.R.”  And how could you not love the inscription on J.R.’s tombstone: “The Only Deal He Ever Lost.”

The TV-Movie You Knew Was Coming: Lifetime is in the process of casting a movie based on the Jodi Arias trial, casting Jesse Lee Soffer as murder victim Travis Alexander. Much as we love the former star of AS THE WORLD TURNS and THE MOB DOCTOR, we were rooting for fellow soapster Joshua Morrow (Nick, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS) — who bears an uncanny resemblance to the oft-shown pictures of the victim.

Coolest Pilot Season: Unlike networks which rarely allow pilots to be seen by the audience they’re actually intended for, Amazon Studios has made 14 shows available via Amazon Instant Video so folks can watch and review their offerings.

Best Bet: Although Steve Carell’s reps insist he will not appear in THE OFFICE’s finale, the odds of a Michael Scott cameo are right up there with those of GLEE having a musical number on the next episode. 

Spinoff Series We See Coming From A Mile Away: If you think Bravo won’t turn the impending nuptials of REAL HOUSEWIVES star Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley into a series, you haven’t seen the hot mess that is DON’T BE TARDY.

Least Believable Story: MTV insists that Aubrey Plaza’s stunt at the networks Movie Awards wasn’t staged. But her otherwise inexplicable front-row seating, the fact that the channel’s overlords have a stake in the flick she was pimping and the show’s history of punking the audience suggests otherwise.

Best Reason: Rumors that golfer Adam Scott would be the next BACHELOR were put to rest. Why? Because he’s already got a girlfriend. (Not that that has stopped some previous contestants… )

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