Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Emilie de Ravin Talks ONCE UPON A TIME

In anticipation of tonight’s Belle-centric episode of ONCE UPON A TIME, a pivotal one that promises to set into motion a chain of events that will dramatically change Storybrooke as fans known it as the hit ABC series heads towards the culmination of its second season, recently was afforded the opportunity to chat with Belle’s affable small screen alter-ego Emilie de Ravin. Find out what she had to say for yourself, after the jump.

Did you ever imagine last season’s one-off guest appearance on ONCE UPON A TIME would evolve into this?
Emilie de Ravin: I had no bloody clue! I mean I’ve acted on many jobs where I thought characters had a really good connection — be it a romantic or friendships — but nothing has been anything like this. This is like “Brangelina!” I love working with Bobby [Robert] Carlyle and that first episode, which is still one of my favorites, was just perfect in terms of writing and our chemistry which just clicked.. It allowed audiences to really invest in the characters and develop strong feelings about Rumple and Belle.

Sunday’s episode sees you playing three different variations of Belle. Is one more fun than the other, do you have a preference?
Not more fun, just different. It’s a challenge, which is what I look for in roles and they’re sure giving it to me on this. This is a show that I could not foresee ever getting bored with. Like LOST, the things that come out of the writer’s room are pretty amazing. Lacey [Belle’s latest incarnation courtesy of Regina’s spell] looks completely different, is armed with a completely different attitude, she’s playing cool, doing shots. [Editor’s Note: In response to whether or not the show had to call in a stunt double for the pool scenes, Ravin had this to say, “Oh God no that would be horrible, can you imagine a stunt “pool” guy!? I’m by no means a professional but I’m pretty good.”]

Are fans of Belle and Rumplestiltskin’s coupling going to be pleased with how things turn out by the end of the show’s second season?
I think there’s going to be a mixture of emotions for everyone about every character. But specifically in terms of my character, I kind of don’t want to give that away because there is a lot that happens with “Rumpbelle,” [Laughs] I’ve even jumped on calling them that, which I’m not sure is either sad or cool!

How on earth is the writer’s room going to top last season’s fantastic first season finale?
I don’t think one tops another, they’re just completely different in really cool ways. They address very, very, different happenings but I’m pretty sure people will have a lot of emotions throughout the finale, tearful, happy, but in a good way.

Might some of those tears involve a look back at what Belle went through trapped in the Asylum?
Not yet. Adam and Eddy are really good at addressing things at the right time for the right reasons, so if I had to guess I’m sure Belle’s time in the Asylum will be revealed and talked about, but there is no plans to do so on this second season.

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