Most Telegraphed Ending: The minute SURVIVOR’s Andrea started talking about how sorry she felt for about-to-be-blindsided Brenda, we knew exactly which of them would be having their torch snuffed by episode’s end.

Best Returns: ABC-axed sudsers ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE returned — via Hulu and iTunes — courtesy of production company Prospect Park. That sound you just heard? The soap fan in your life cheering. 

Most Controversial List: As always, this year’s Daytime Emmy nominations left many scratching their heads over everything from the fact that THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Scott Clifton was in the supporting category despite the show revolving around his character for the past year to GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Lindsay Morgan getting a nod over such supposed shoe-ins as Kelly Sullivan, Finola Hughes, Kelly Monaco and Rebecca Herbst.
Why You’re Seeing Double: BBC America renewed its epically awesome clone saga ORPHAN BLACK (which airs its first finale on Saturday, June 1).
Most Prudish Outlet: Salt Lake City’s KSL-TV, owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, has dumped HANNIBAL due to the show’s “extensive graphic nature.” Instead, they’re running the evening news in the timeslot. Because nothing scary or bad every happens on the evening news…
A Musical Note: Someone get the smelling salts lady for the dowager countess, because DOWNTON ABBEY’s about to be integrated! Gary Carr will join the season four cast as a jazz singer.
Best Fit: Comedy Central’s Adult Swim bought the rights to reruns of BOB’S BURGERS.
Most Suspicious Feud: Anyone else find it interesting that as AMERICAN IDOL sinks to new lows ratings wise, judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj do the same via Twitter?
Wildest Twist: NASHVILLE’s Will planted a kiss on Gunnar. In a related note, you know if this had been two chicks — say, Rayna and Juliette — ABC woulda been promoting that sucker from here to Tennessee.
Most Heavenly Casting: 90210’s Justin Deeley will join season 5 of DROP DEAD DIVA as the gorgeous angel who’ll take over shepherding Jane’s life. Where do we sign up for a guardian like that?
Scariest Date: The often hammy John Oliver will begin his summer run as DAILY SHOW Jon Stewart’s replacement on Monday, June 10. Why, oh why, couldn’t they let Samantha Bee fill the void?
Least Timely Jokester: Gordon Ramsay told the HELL’S KITCHEN’s cheftestants that he wanted them to be in sync, adding, “and I don’t mean the [bleeping] boy band.”
Best Kept Secret: ONE LIFE TO LIVE capped its first web-based episode with the reveal that not only were they back, but so was Trevor St. John’s Victor!
Most Welcome Political News: HBO’s VEEP was renewed for a third 10-episode season.
Oddest Case Of Good News/Bad News: An official investigation into practices at the BBC revealed that sexual harassment is rare behind the scenes… while bullying was “much more prominent.”
Most Contradictory Statements: CBS big wig Les Moonves said that the network would sue streaming service Aereo in any jurisdiction they attempted to launch in. Later, he claimed that the service was “insignificant” and that CBS wasn’t “losing any sleep over it.” Me thinks he doth protest too much…

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